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One of the many benefits USA Triathlon annual members receive, USAT's National Rankings allow you to see how you stack up against friends, family, co-workers and others in your age group across the country. To qualify, participate in three (3) triathlons or duathlons, or two races in other multisport disciplines like aquabike, aquathlon, or off-road triathlon, and be a current USA Triathlon member by December 31 of the current year. The top 10 percent of each age group earn All-American status and are listed each year in the spring issue of USA Triathlon Magazine.

See Where You Rank

Given the importance and popularity of the rankings program, USA Triathlon, the Age Group Committee, and members from several other advisory groups including the Women’s Commission and the Senior Task Force have created a program that is as accurate and fair as possible in determining how athletes rank across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about your ranking or about how the rankings scoring is calculated? Check out these frequently asked questions to see if your concern is addressed. Please review your rankings as the season progresses for accuracy. If you feel that there is an error in your rankings submit a rankings inquiry. All rankings inquiries must be submitted by January 31 in order to have your correct ranking appear in the spring issue of USA Triathlon magazine. Please note: requests received after January 31st for the previous season's results will not be made. Rankings are finalized beginning 2/1 following the race season. Just a reminder: to be ranked, your membership must be active on 12/31 (December 31) of the race year.