Looking to further your attachment and service to the multisport community? Become a USA Triathlon official! Officials enforce the multisport competition rules during events and ensure that competition is fair and safe. Our officials ensure this via high level customer service and providing rules education before, during and after events. Without officials, we would not have competitive multisport.

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    USA Triathlon officials are key ambassadors for USA Triathlon who collectively work hundreds of events each year. At each event, officials hold the following responsibilities:

    • Enforce the Competition Rules in an equitable and fair manner
    • Ensure that the races to which they are assigned are fair and safe
    • Protect athletes on the field of play from those who might attempt to gain an unfair competitive advantage
    • Serve as ambassadors of the program and USA Triathlon
    • Provide rules education and officiating practices in our sport, especially at participatory or beginner events.

    How to Become an Official

    All officials must have a firm understanding of both the multisport competition rules and the officiating procedures outlined in the program manual.

    • Express Interest

      Interested candidates should contact USA Triathlon to express their interest in becoming an official

    • Interview

      The Office of the Deputy Commissioner schedules and conducts an initial candidate interview to outline the certification process

    • Apply

      The candidate submits an application

    • Background Check

      The candidate is provided materials to submit a background check and to complete Safe Sport training

    • Enroll in Level I Training

      The candidate is provided supporting materials and enrolled in the USAT level I training module.

    • Pass the Exam

      The candidate completes the education modules, the exam, and required review

    • Enter the Pipeline

      The candidate enters the pipeline as a Local technical Official (Probationary) or LTO (P

    • Review Practicum Materials

      Prior to the LTO (P) practicum, the candidate will review practicum materials with a program designee

    • Complete Practicum

      Candidate completes LTO (P) Practicum and is designated a Local Technical Official

    Upon completion of USAT Level I training, candidates are classified as a USAT Level I Local Technical Official - Provisional (LTO(P)). After completing the assigned race practicum, a candidate is classified as a Level I LTO. Provisional officials are generally not entitled to mileage, lodging or a stipend and serve on a probationary basis until they complete their practicum. Request for advancement from Level I to Level II and Level II to Level III NTO should be sent to both the assigned Certification Mentoring Official and the National Technical Assessor. More information on advancement can be found in the program manual.

    Levels of Officiating

    Important Documents

    Athlete safety is USA Triathlon's top priority. We've teamed with the U.S. Center for SafeSport to provide members with training and resources to prevent or stop abuse in multisport.

    The U.S. Center for SafeSport requires that USA Triathlon officials complete SafeSport training.

    SafeSport Training

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