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Youth State Series


    USA Triathlon supports youth races and clubs across the country that give youth athletes the opportunity to get involved in the sport of triathlon. The goal of the USA Triathlon Youth State Series is to grow visibility of youth races across the country as well as keep youth athletes racing numerous times throughout the season. The Series will consist of numerous localized youth race series across the country.

    Sign your state up to be part of the State Series HERE

    Youth State Series

    Youth State Series Requirements

    • Timed Races

      It is acceptable to have an untimed, non-competitive division, but there must be timing for athletes that would like to earn points and be part of the scoring of the series.

      USA Triathlon must receive the timed results from the event.

    • Sanctioned Events

      All races in the series MUST be USA Triathlon Sanctioned Events.

      If an event is not sanctioned, it will not be recognized as part of the series.

      If your event is currently not sanctioned by USA Triathlon CLICK HERE to learn more

    • Scoring and Promoting

      Local clubs and coaches must be involved with scoring and promoting the series to their athletes to drive participation at series events

    Series Point System

    All youth race series are required to follow the following scoring system. Other scoring systems will not be permitted. Their will be both and Individual and Team Performance Scoring system.

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