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    Classification provides a structure for Paralympic competition. The International Paralympic Committee has adopted a universal classification code in order to facilitate the implementation of accurate, reliable, and credible sport-specific classification systems. The classification process determines who is eligible to compete in a Paralympic sport and it groups the eligible athletes in sport classes according to their activity limitation in a certain sport. For more information about Paralympic classification and the IPC Athlete Classification Code, please visit the IPC Classification Webpage.

    World Triathlon, the international federation for Paratriathlon, is responsible for creating and implementing the rules and regulations that govern the Paratriathlon classification system that determines who is eligible to compete in the Paralympic Games. For more information about Paratriathlon classification system, rules and regulations, please visit the World Triathlon Paratriathlon webpage.

    Sport Classes of Paratriathlon

    All descriptions courtesy of World Triathlon

    Both PTWC1 and PTWC2 classes compete in the same PTWC Medal Event. All the ambulant classes (PTS2-PTS5) compete in their own medal event and the three visual impaired classes (PTVI1, PTVI2 and PTVI3) compete into the PTVI medal event.

    How to be Classified

    • Physical Impairments

      1. Register for an event where classification is being offered
      2. USA Triathlon will assign you a specific classification appointment time in advance of this event
      3. See your MD and have him/her fill out the Physical Impairment Medical Diagnostic Form
      4. Bring these documents and all of your racing equipment to your appointment where you will undergo tests based on WT evaluative criteria
      5. Classifiers will assign you a sport class to race in the event
      6. Classifiers will then observe you in competition during the race
      7. After observation the classification panel will finalize your national sport class and sport class status
    • Visual Impairments

      For National Classification for visual impairment there are no in-person classification opportunities

      1. See your Ophthalmologist and have him/her fill out the Visual Impairment Medical Diagnostic Form
      2. Submit this form to for processing
      3. USA Triathlon will report back your national sport class and sport class status

    The USA Paratriathlon National Database includes all athletes whose classification information is on file with USA Triathlon. Athletes who have been internationally classified will be included on the World Triathlon Paratriathlon International Classification Master list.

    Required Classification Forms:

    If you are not classified into one of the above categories, you can still compete! All USA Triathlon certified races allow all adaptive athletes to compete regardless of World Triathlon classification status. Adaptive athletes who are not attempting to compete in World Triathlon competitions do not need to complete the above classification process.

    More about Adaptive Divisions

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