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Military Program

In partnership with the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and other Olympic and Paralympic entities within the United States, the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA) supports eligible service and non-service connected military veterans in their efforts to represent the USA at the Paralympic Games, Olympic Games and other international sport competitions. The VA's Office of National Veterans Sports Programs & Special Events provides a monthly assistance allowance for disabled veterans training in Paralympic sports as well as certain disabled veterans selected for or competing with the National Olympic Team.

Through the program, the VA will pay a monthly allowance to a veteran with either a service-connected or non-service connected disability if the veteran meets the minimum military standards or higher (e.g., Emerging Athlete or National Team) in his or her respective Paralympic sport at a recognized competition.

USA Paratriathlon Military Standards

If you are interested in the program, and have met the standards above, please email the following forms to

World Class Athlete Program

The Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) Paralympic Program is available for soldiers with physical disabilities who demonstrate the commitment and skill to pursue elite level competitions. The program provides the support and training to compete and succeed in national and international competitions while maintaining a professional military career. The program strives to enhance the rehabilitation, readiness, and quality of life for injured soldiers through Paralympic sports.

More Information on the WCAP

There are many existing organizations out there to help military veterans or active duty military athletes in their quest to fuel the multisport lifestyle. Whether you are looking for training support, access to equipment, grants for travel to events, or a mentor, the organizations below are a great place to start: