Meet Morgan

Morgan Hoffman is the Head Coach of Playtri, Official Triathlon Store of IRONMAN & Official Merchandiser of USA Triathlon. Morgan runs Playtri's High Performance Team program and manages Coach Certification and Ongoing Coach Education. She is also a frequent presenter for USA Triathlon at Coach Certification courses, and a member of the 2018 & 2019 coaching staff for USA Triathlon’s Team USA Junior Women's Camp at the USOPTC. In addition, Morgan was a member of the Team USA 2011 Short Course World Championship team.


My Power Within Statement – triathlon’s unique contribution to your life.

Success in triathlon is in the journey, not the finish line. If we cherish the relationships, the personal growth and the life-long fitness over the podiums, then we have won the race.


The Conversation: The Power of Consistency 

Ever wonder how some athletes keep hitting their goals year after year, while others spend weeks, months and sometimes years on the sidelines? The big secret is consistency in training - but what does consistency really look like, and what makes it a reality for athletes of all ages and ability levels? This will be a real conversation about addressing the everyday challenges to achieving long-term consistency in training, and how athletes can take back the power in their training process.