Committee Mission Statements

The AAC’s mission is to broaden communication between active athletes and USA Triathlon and serve as a voice for those athletes in USAT governance. The role of this committee is to be a voice for athletes and advocate on behalf of the athlete pipeline. This is done by approving procedures/documents and meeting with High-Performance staff on a regular basis to be a liaison for current athletes in the pipeline.

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The Compensation Committee shall provide evaluation and recommendations regarding the CEO compensation, performance, termination, bonus, benefits and guidelines, and any adjustments, minimally on a yearly basis.

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The Ethics Committee shall ensure all members of USAT maintain the standards set forth in the USAT Code of Ethics and Conduct, and shall determine if cases brought to the Committee’s attention violate the USAT Code of Ethics Code and recommend sanctions when appropriate.

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Finance and Audit Committee shall a) Confirm the integrity of all the financial statements of the corporation b) Confirm sufficient oversight and controls for all financial transactions c) Confirm the corporation’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements relating to corporation finances and reporting thereof d) Facilitate the selection and communications with independent audit firm for annual audits of USA Triathlon’s financial statements e) Review and confirm the accuracy of the audit report and f) Provide management and oversight of the investment account and financial assets in accordance with investment policy.

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The primary mission of the Judicial Committee is to resolve disputes brought before the Committee consistent with the procedures and policies outlined in the USAT Grievance and Disciplinary Policy, updated February 2022. Upon a referral of a complaint before the Committee upon initial review by USAT Senior Legal Counsel, the Chair of the Judicial Committee determines whether the matter is properly before it. Upon that review, the complaint is either dismissed or the Chair commences the process of appointing the hearing panel to determine the appropriate resolution based upon the evidence provided by the affected parties.

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The USAT Nominating and Governance Committee (NGC)’s mission or duty is articulated in the USAT Bylaws as follows: 1. Identify and evaluate prospective candidates for the Board; 2. Recommend individuals to serve on the Board as provided in these Bylaws; 3. Recommend, as requested by the Board, individuals to serve on various Committees and Task Forces; 4. Consult with the Ethics Committee with respect to vetting all nominations for potential conflict of interest or other problematic background issues; 5. Develop and recommend to the Board for its consideration an annual self-evaluation process of the Board and its Committees, Task Forces and Foundation Board of Trustees; and 6. Perform such other duties as assigned by the Board. 7. Review the application of Board members for election by membership or a constituency to ensure eligibility of candidates in relation to these Bylaws, the Act or USOPC regulations.

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