Sport is a Human Right


At USA Triathlon, we believe that access to sport is a human right. We recognize the positive impact sport has on living a happy and healthy life, and we believe it must be accessible and inclusive to all. We do not tolerate discrimination of any form toward anyone in our community.

The legislation recently passed in the state of Alabama (HB 391) is discriminatory toward transgender individuals and not consistent with the inclusive nature of our sport. The safety of our athletes and all those involved with our sport remains USA Triathlon’s highest priority, and we believe every athlete is entitled to a safe environment for training and competition. Both this priority and belief have been jeopardized by this discriminatory legislation. 

We are committed to taking the following actions in support of the transgender community, and in an effort to create both short- and long-term impact not only in Alabama, but also nationwide across all areas of multisport:
  1. Visible Sport is a Human Right awareness and education campaign onsite in Tuscaloosa
  2. Amplifying the work of LGBTQIA+ advocacy groups in Alabama, and connecting these groups with the local multisport community for collaboration and resource sharing
  3. Activating the wider multisport community to drive change in our sport through ongoing proactive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access education
  4. Creating a long-term Together We Thrive: Sport is a Human Right program for coaches, clubs and race directors across the country that provides them with resources, tools and recognition to help build a future for the sport that all people can see themselves being a part of. While initially focused on states impacted by this discriminatory legislation, we will implement the program nationwide to empower, educate and engage everyone in multisport to drive actionable change in their respective local communities.

This will include, among others: diversity, equity, inclusion and access best practices; tips for raising awareness and fostering impactful conversations; explanation of transgender terminology and pronouns; SafeSport and anti-bullying resources; guide to creating a trans-inclusive club, event or coaching practice; tips for engaging all youth athletes while navigating this legislation; a pledge program for coaches, clubs and race directors to commit to inclusive practices, and public recognition for coaches, clubs and race directors that openly welcome ALL athletes.

At USA Triathlon, we believe That everyone has the right to participate in sport in a manner that is most comfortable for them. The recent legislation passed by Alabama, and other states, that effect the rights of transgender athletes is a stark contrast to our views of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access. 

HB 391 (2021) – Anti-Trans Participation in Sports was signed by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey on Friday, April 23, and goes into effect on July 1.

This bill prohibits transgender youth from participating in Alabama public school sports and prohibit Alabama public schools from participating in, sponsoring, or providing coaching staff for sporting events that allow transgender youth to participate.

HB 391 does not directly impact the 2021 Duathlon National Championships, as Duathlon Nationals a private event and the legislation will not yet be in effect.