USA Triathlon Strategic Plan

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    Elevate 2028 USA Triathlon Strategic Plan graphic (Photo by USA Triathlon)
    We are dedicated to growing the sport and serving its participants in new and innovative ways.
    Victoria Brumfield, USA Triathlon CEO


    Our Guiding Principles

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      We embody the aspirational ideals set by our Olympic and Paralympic athletes, reaching the highest levels of performance in everything we do.

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      We operate in a spirit of service and giving back, enabling the triathlon/multisport community to attain its goals and thrive.

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      Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

      We aspire to ensure the sport is reflective of the country we represent, and value and embrace diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

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      We maximize reach and available resources through strategic partnerships.

    Elevate 2028 USA Triathlon Strategic Plan graphic (Photo by USA Triathlon)

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    Serve and Engage Our Community: Provide exceptional service, resources and value to our constituent groups – including Race Directors and Event Production Companies, Coaches, Officials, Clubs, Volunteers, Athletes and Fans, and any other individuals or organizations that support the triathlon/multisport community.
    Grow the Sport: Increase participation and engagement by expanding and simplifying pathways for new athletes to enter the sport and develop and maximize their triathlon/multisport potential while empowering and providing meaningful value and support for USA Triathlon members.
    Elevate the Brand and the Sport: Inspire athletes of all ages to become participants, fans and lifelong members of our community by sharing and celebrating the virtues of the sport, the mission of USA Triathlon, and the personal, unique and shared qualities of our members.
    Embody Sport Leadership: Demonstrate global excellence in athlete support, sport performance and business operations.
    Ensure Financial Strength: Diversify and increase revenue streams to fund our strategic priorities.

    Strategies and Target Outcomes

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