USA Triathlon Foundation Strategic Plan

USA Triathlon Foundation’s Elevate 2028 Strategic Plan outlines the path toward increasing philanthropic support, encouraging a culture of philanthropy, and providing a greater impact for donors and members of the multisport community.

The USA Triathlon Foundation raises funds for and makes grants in support of three pillars – encouraging youth participation, inspiring pathways to access and inclusion, and igniting Olympic and Paralympic dreams – to advance its mission and create a direct line to individuals, organizations and initiatives across the country that are dedicated to transforming lives through swim, bike and run.

Vision: To grow, inspire and support the triathlon/multisport community.

Mission: To fund, provide resources and empower members of the triathlon/multisport community to reach their full potential. 

Encourage Youth Participation: Funding toward this pillar helps develop and cultivate youth-centric coaches, clubs and events around the United States to enable kids to practice and train in camps, and participate and race with each other. It builds connections around the country between schools, clubs, coaches and race directors to offer training opportunities, equipment and resources, and to create the next generation of multisport athletes and leaders.

Inspire Pathways to Access and Inclusion: Funding toward this pillar delivers resources for Together, We Thrive – USA Triathlon’s diversity, equity, inclusion and access initiative. It empowers individuals to experience the virtues of multisport and provides opportunities for members of underrepresented populations, adaptive athletes, and women to realize their athletic dreams and progress through leadership pathways in the sport.

Ignite Olympic and Paralympic Dreams: Funding toward this pillar enables the United States to achieve unprecedented global triumphs by building sustained success at the sport’s highest level and helping athletes reach their performance goals. USA Triathlon and its athletes do not receive government funding and USA Triathlon relies on the generosity of its community to develop a world-leading triathlon and paratriathlon talent identification and development program to identify, cultivate and train the best talent in the U.S. and the next generation of Olympians and Paralympians.

Maximize Best-in-Class Donor Development: Ensure meaningful experiences and provide customized opportunities for donors to give to a cause they believe in, have an affinity for and are passionate about.

Enhance Awareness, Engagement and Connection: Convey the mission and share the value of the Foundation, drive philanthropic support for its pillars, and inspire a culture of philanthropy throughout the triathlon/multisport community through storytelling, experiences and personal communication.

Ensure Financial Stability: Focus on financial growth and operational excellence to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the sport and those we serve.

Maximize Best-in-Class Donor Development

How We Will Do It (Strategies)
  • Grow Major Gifts Donors and Pipeline. Develop relationships with members of the triathlon/multisport community to support initiatives that are meaningful to the donor and most impactful to the sport.
  • Expand Annual Giving Programs and Campaigns. Develop and optimize a consistent, broad-based annual giving program to promote the Foundation’s mission and optimize giving at all levels.
  • Promote Legacy Giving Program. Impact generations of triathlon/multisport athletes through planned gifts and endowments that will set up the sport and community for long-term sustained success.
  • Institute Corporate Giving Opportunities. Provide opportunities for corporations to get involved philanthropically to create a healthier America and improve the health and wellness of their employees.
  • Leverage LA 2028. Engage current and prospective donors on the journey from Paris to the 2028 Olympic & Paralympic Games in Los Angeles to raise funds and build connections among the triathlon/multisport community.

Enhance Awareness, Engagement and Connection

How We Will Do It (Strategies)
  • Strengthen Relationships Through Impactful Storytelling. Build personal connections between the Foundation, donors and the triathlon/multisport community by articulating the needs in our sport, sharing the avenues to address them, and highlighting the impact made through philanthropy.
  • Develop a Culture of Advocacy. Inspire individuals and organizations to embrace philanthropy and invest in our sport and community, and utilize Board of Trustees, donors, elite athletes, influencers, ambassadors and community leaders to spread the Foundation’s mission and impact.
  • Guide Donors Through a Purposeful Journey. Establish consistent touchpoints and meaningful interactions with donors and demonstrate the impact of supporting the Foundation’s mission and reinforce their role in igniting change locally and nationally.
  • Bring Philanthropic Impact to Life. Enrich lives by creating extraordinary opportunities, uplifting moments and lifechanging experiences.

Ensure Financial Stability
How We Will Do It (Strategies)
  • Establish Strategy and Plan for Financial Excellence & Stability. Develop and maintain policies that protect the Foundation in reputation management and incorporate sound financial non-profit practices.
  • Enhance Operational Sustainability. Promote an organizational culture focused on operational and financial stability.
  • Create an Endowment. Expand existing financial resources and create an endowment for donors to give in perpetuity.
  • Expand Giving Impact Statements and Reporting. Practice a commitment to being transparent and thorough in communicating how funds are distributed.

USA Triathlon Foundation Elevate 2028 Working Group

Stephen Ban, Chair of the Board of Trustees / USA Triathlon Foundation
Victoria Brumfield, Chief of Staff and Business Development Officer / USA Triathlon
Gabe Cagwin, President / USA Triathlon Foundation
John Cassimatis, Board of Trustees Member / USA Triathlon Foundation
Erin Dolan Edminister, Elite Olympic Triathlete
Gregg Goolsby, Board of Trustees Member / USA Triathlon Foundation
Rocky Harris, Chief Executive Officer / USA Triathlon
Thomas Lenneberg, Executive Director / USA Triathlon Foundation
Audra Mallow, Board of Trustees Member / USA Triathlon Foundation
Joel Rosinbum, Chair of the Board of Directors / USA Triathlon
Brenda Smith, Board of Trustees Member / USA Triathlon Foundation
Katie Willemarck, Chief Financial Officer / USA Triathlon


Debbie Hesse, Strategic Growth Coach

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