Reggie Waller's commitment to the multisport community runs deep

by USA Triathlon Foundation

A headshot of Reggie Waller

Reggie Waller’s commitment to giving back to the multisport community is a story that has come full circle.

Growing up with a father in the Marine Corp, Waller was influenced by powerful men and women who helped inspire him to reach his full potential and cultivate natural leadership skills through the philosophy of “progress, not perfection.”

Those important lessons have then translated into many aspects of his life as he has held multiple leadership positions through mentoring programs and now as a triathlon coach.

Waller was first introduced to triathlon in 2011 when a friend suggested they sign up for a race together. Since then, he has gone on to compete in every distance all the way from a Sprint to a full 140.6-mile IRONMAN. It wasn’t until 2020 during the pandemic, when Waller decided to transition into a coaching path.

He currently is a Level II Certified Coach through USA Triathlon and guides a roster of over 20 age-group athletes ranging in all experience levels from youth to Masters.

However, Waller’s passion to help youth, especially those in under-resourced communities is what drove him to get involved with the USA Triathlon Foundation. After serving as a voluntary mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Philadelphia for 16 years, giving back has always been a vital part of his life.  

“For me, I have never been a stranger to helping and nonprofits. After becoming aware of the Foundation, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to not only coach but give back to help continue to grow the sport after I no longer can participate from a racing standpoint. I want to continue to share my passion, especially with youth and those who are up and coming,” Waller said.

As a newly appointed member of the USA Triathlon Foundation Board of Trustees, Waller will help guide an organization that is committed to giving back to the multisport community it serves. Many grant awardees include organizations that provide more equitable opportunities for kids to get involved and participate in triathlon.

“I think all people deserve to have an opportunity to try multisport and I think the Foundation does a great job of offering and providing resources for those to partake as well as highlighting the underserved communities. Youth and juniors are areas that we still need more attention, so that's where I would like to help kind of shape that canvas and bring more awareness to allow kids to enjoy our sport’s experience,” he said.