Three athletes run along a path. All three are wearing USA Triathlon Foundation shirts.
Hunter Smith


USAT Foundation Ambassadors Transform Lives Through Fundraising

by USA Triathlon Foundation

The USA Triathlon Foundation’s ambassador team is a group of dedicated individuals who raise awareness for our mission: transforming lives through opening pathways to swim, bike and run for all.

Our ambassadors give back by hosting tri clinics in their local communities, participating in service projects and fundraising to support our three pillars:

  • Encourage youth participation
  • Inspire adaptive athletes
  • Ignite the dreams of Olympic/Paralympic hopefuls

Several of our ambassadors have gone above and beyond their fundraising goals, including Cheryl Perry, Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda and Becky DiSorbo. Read their stories and learn more about why they support our mission.

Cheryl Perry rides  a tri bike with a race number on it through a desert landscape.
Cheryl Perry

Location: The Woodlands, Texas

Total raised to date: $12,534.50 

Cheryl is a third-year ambassador who started triathlon at age 51.

“It completely transformed by life,” she said. “I want to share that message with other people and encourage others to get involved in the sport.”

She began racing to cope with her son’s prescription drug addiction.

“I felt lost and hopeless,” Cheryl said. “I needed an outlet, a place to put my energy while my son found his sobriety. What I didn’t anticipate was that triathlon wasn’t just a distraction, it became a way of life.”

Cheryl Perry poses for a photo. She has a medal around her neck and is smiling. A man is standing beside her, also smiling, and has his arm around her shoulder.

Since then, she’s finished seven IRONMANs, including one with her son, who is now sober. Before her most recent, IRONMAN Texas on April 23, he thanked her via text for her encouragement and for never giving up on him.

“I love the Foundation’s mission to inspire, encourage and ignite,” Cheryl said. “I think everyone, whether they are young, a paratriathlete, an Olympic hopeful or a very average age-group amateur athlete is looking to find a spark and needs encouragement and inspiration. I’m happy and honored to be part of this quest.”

Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda is photographed in black and white. She's wearing a wetsuit and swim cap and standing on a beach beside the water.
Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda

Location: Los Angeles, Calif.

Total raised to date: $10,425.31 

Rosalind is a third-year ambassador who says multisport completely changed her life 20 years ago.

At age 54, she turned to triathlon to solve a myriad of health issues: clogged arteries, high blood pressure, reduced bone density and being on five asthma medications.
Her doctor’s prescription? Weight-bearing aerobic activity.

“I had never run, hadn’t been on my bike in decades and couldn’t swim across a pool,” Rosalind said. “Little did I suspect when I signed up for my first tri that I would not only fall in love with swim-bike-run, but along the way with my future husband—a fellow LA Tri Club member or that I would travel the world as a member of Team USA in triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon.
And her health? She says it’s never been better. As an ambassador, she’s been able to encourage others to improve their lifestyles as well.

Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda, right, and another volunteer (left) carry a wetsuit-clad athlete out of the water during a race.
Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda

“As an ambassador, I can share my love of swim, bike and run, encourage others to experience the joy of healthy living as well as raise funds for the terrific programs around the country that support everyone from beginners to elites on their multisport journey,” she said.

Rosalind is passionate about all three of the USA Triathlon Foundation’s pillars.

“Youth programs encourage and enable kids and teens to live a healthy lifestyle as well as develop the multisport athletes of the future,” she said. “As a long-time supporter of programs for challenged athletes, I am committed to promote the Foundation’s support of parathletes and of programs to make our sport accessible to all regardless of their physical challenges.”

Rosalind also says she has “great admiration” for Olympic and Paralympic athletes who are competing at the highest levels of multisport.

Three athletes run along a path. All three are wearing USA Triathlon Foundation shirts.
Hunter Smith

Location: Henderson, Nevada

Total raised to date: $7,373.82

Becky attended our inaugural Fantasy Camp in 2019 and has been involved with the USA Triathlon Foundation ever since then.

The four-day camp is held at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Attendees live and train alongside Olympians and Paralympians while receiving elite-level coaching. All proceeds support the Foundation’s three pillars.

“I’ve been delighted to serve as an ambassador so that my training and racing serves a larger purpose than my own goals and can inspire and support others,” she said.

Becky is an accomplished age group triathlete who’s dedicated to sharing her enthusiasm for a sport that’s given her so much fulfillment and joy.

After leading her age group at the 2021 Olympic Distance National Championships in Milwaukee, she collapsed less than 50 yards from the finish line, overcome by heat exhaustion. Determined not to give up, she crawled until she could stand. Flanked by medics in the chute, she made it over the finish line on two feet, finishing in fifth.

Medics escort Becky DiSorbo in the finish line chute at the 2021 Olympic Distance National Championships in Milwaukee.

She says triathlon feeds her competitive spirit and desire to achieve my personal potential in a sport without age limits.

“I wanted to raise funds for an organization that speaks to my passion around sport, perseverance, and fulfilling one’s potential at any age and under any circumstance,” she said.

As a former elite swimmer, Becky says she’s passionate about supporting athletes with Olympic dreams. It’s a journey that requires focus, along with tremendous support, time and resources.

Unlike their peers from other countries, U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes don’t receive government funding. They rely on support from the USA Triathlon Foundation, as well as other sponsorships and donors.

The USA Triathlon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and the charitable arm of USA Triathlon. With its mission to transform lives through sport by providing opportunities to swim, bike and run, the Foundation serves to generate a greater impact on the multisport community through charitable giveback and grants that advance the Foundation’s three pillars: (1) Encourage youth participation; (2) Inspire adaptive athletes; and (3) Ignite Olympic/Paralympic dreams. Since the Foundation was established in 2014, it has provided millions of dollars in grants to organizations and individuals in pursuit of its mission and pillars to create a healthier United States through triathlon.