USA Triathlon Foundation to grant record $640,000 in 2023 following record fundraising year

by USA Triathlon Foundation

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The USA Triathlon Foundation will grant a record $640,000 in 2023 to support multisport opportunities for youth, grassroots diversity, equity, inclusion and access initiatives, and Olympic and Paralympic development and support programs. 

“Thanks to the generosity of so many, we’re able to affect sustainable and scalable change across our sport,” said Alex Egan, Chair of the USA Triathlon Foundation Board of Trustees. “And we’re very clear in our goals for the Foundation - the ability to make transformational grants is why we exist and we measure our success by the grants we’re able to give. The more money we raise the more we will grant out, so we invite anyone who is passionate and philanthropic to be a part of what we’re building.”

The USA Triathlon Foundation, which had a record fundraising year in 2022, raised more than $2 million from over 3,800 donors this past year, both the highest marks in the organization's history, in support of its three pillars - Encourage Youth Participation, Inspire Pathways to Access and Inclusion, and Ignite Olympic and Paralympic Dreams. The Foundation's 2022 totals include multi-year pledges as fundraised dollars are recognized in the year the pledge was made.

“The collective impact made by community members across our country is inspiring and invigorating,” said Dr. Gabe Cagwin, President of the USA Triathlon Foundation and USA Triathlon Chief Advancement Officer. “As is evident by the breadth of grants we are able to make, those who are interested in making a difference through the USA Triathlon Foundation have the unique opportunity to direct their hard-earned money where they want, and we take great pride in connecting people to the areas they are passionate about. We were able to increase the previous record of grants from $240,000 to $466,000 last year, and as we continue to generate more support, we will grant out more than $640,000 this year and we all hope to reach $1,000,000 of grants in the next couple of years.”

Applications for grants related to both youth multisport opportunities and diversity, equity, inclusion and access initiatives are open now. The application for the initial round of youth grants will close on Friday, March 10, while the DEIA grant will remain open with grants awarded on a rolling basis. The USA Triathlon Foundation is again partnering with the Dawson family to offer the Bridget Inspires Grant in memory of Bridget Dawson and applications are open now. Bridget was an accomplished age-group athlete and member of Team USA who passed away in 2016. The Bridget Inspires Grant will provide funding to young women pursuing competitive success in triathlon and other multisport endeavors during the 2023 competition year and beyond.

The USA Triathlon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and the charitable arm of USA Triathlon. With its mission to transform lives through sport by providing opportunities to swim, bike and run, the Foundation serves to generate a greater impact on the multisport community through charitable giveback and grants that advance the Foundation’s three pillars: (1) Encourage youth participation; (2) Inspire Pathways to Access and Inclusion; and (3) Ignite Olympic and Paralympic dreams. Since the Foundation was established in 2014, it has impacted the lives of thousands by providing grants to organizations and individuals in pursuit of its mission and pillars to create a healthier United States through triathlon.