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Notice Regarding Upcoming Board of Directors Election

Public Announcement to Members: One General Director Position in the September 2023 Election will be for a Two-Year Term Position

General Directors are typically elected to USA Triathlon’s Board of Directors for four-year terms. These positions are staggered so that only two General Directors are up for election each year, providing consistency to the Board’s leadership (see USAT Bylaws Updated July 23, 2023, Sections 6.9 and 6.10). When the Board of Directors has more than two General Directors positions up for election in an election year, the Board is no longer on a staggered election cycle. In these circumstances, USAT Bylaws allow the Nominating and Governance Committee to change one of the soon-to-be-elected General Directors’ terms from a four-year term to a two-year term so that the Board returns to the staggered election cycle. During the September 2023 election, there will be three open General Director positions for the 2024 USAT Board. Thus, it is not on the staggered board election cycle. Consistent with the USAT Bylaws, one of the General Director positions on the ballot for the September 2023 election cycle will be designated a two-year term position by the Nominating and Governance Committee.

This notice serves as a public announcement to all members of this change in compliance with Section 6.9. If you have any questions regarding governance, please email

Voting Begins on September 1, 2023

Elections are essential to the continued success of USA Triathlon and our sport. As a membership organization, we encourage you to make your voice heard by voting in this year’s election.

Note: the voting links in the email ballot sent to members from Survey and Ballot Systems, USA Triathlon's balloting company, will not be active until September 1, 2023. If you receive this email prior to September 1, your personalized link will not activate until that date.