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Welcome to a TrainingPeaks Digest for USA Triathlon Coaches

We're already cruising into the New Year — hello 2022 — and many are nailing down those goals and plans. To tick those boxes on that list, taking a moment to get the foundation set before the building is clearly an essential step. Our Coach Blog has hundreds of articles to find inspiration or guidance on a wide range of subjects.

Today we present three recent blog posts. Tap into articles featuring ideas around making your coaching business thrive, gaining more insight through a second look at data and the importance of setting yourself apart when using social media marketing.

It's a wide range of topics so let's jump into a bit more info to whet your interest...

How to Make Your Small Coaching Business Thrive

Gross revenue and sales growth don't have to be the holy grail for coaching businesses. Developing more robust ties to your athletes and coaches can lead to greater rewards. Read about how one coaching business committed to person-first athlete-second and creating a small community around a group goal for runners. By differentiating the coaching company through these strategies with athletes and focusing on the person-first approach with its coaches, they have established a robust clientele. Lift Run Perform has focused on where they want to go and avoided getting stuck too much on how the books look.

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Ways That Your Athletes Can Improve by Reexamining Their Data

Data is never absolute but can be used to learn more about a client's progress when we take a step back and look deeper than a particular activity. There is a lot of data to sift through for your athletes, but taking a moment to revisit a few metrics while asking your athletes questions can reach beyond the surface-level performance information. And through those learnings, provide an opportunity for better training and success in your clients. Phil White suggests that documenting factors outside of the workouts, like sleep, gives some advanced notice to avoiding athlete pitfalls.

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Coach Marketing on YouTube and Standing Out from the Crowd

While social media isn't the holy grail of marketing, knowing your competition, what your audience is looking for and learning how to execute fast can help you market your coaching business. Dive into a Q&A with cycling coach Dylan Johnson, who's carved out a niche YouTube channel by staying focused on a critical theme in his content. In this conversation, you can gain some insight into finding an audience on social media and what it takes to keep that content rolling. You might be surprised to find out how many athletes he's coaching and where most of his revenue comes from. All while he races at top-level mountain bike and gravel events.

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Quoted: "Coaching is people management – getting people to do what you want them to do and like doing it."

– Anonymous

And finally, check out our new Coach Guide — How to be a Successful Endurance Coach

This guide will help you each step of the way as you build and grow your coaching business. Broken up into three sections to allow time to digest it all, you will find tips on business building, becoming an efficient coach and marketing strategies that work. Check it out and sign up to get it delivered to your inbox.

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Until next time!

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