USA Triathlon Certified Coaches are a vital part of our success in the mission to grow, inspire and support the triathlon community. USA Triathlon is dedicated to providing you unparalleled resources to ensure you are qualified, confident and successful throughout your coaching career.

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Benefits of Coaching Certification

  • Multisport Courses and Education

    • Access to coach specific continuing education courses
  • Insurance Coverage

    • General Liability Insurance Coverage (USA residents only)

  • Exclusive Marketing Opportunities

    • Use of the USA Triathlon Certified Coach Logo
  • Discounts and Freebies

  • NCAA Coaching

    • Hiring preference for open NCAA collegiate varsity triathlon coach positions

USA Triathlon has devleoped a six-step development process for mutlisport coaches:

  1. Core Coaching Classes
  2. Level I
  3. Level I - Area of Focus
  4. Level II
  5. Level III
  6. Elite Master Coach

Find more information about each step below. Also, coaches are required to hold current CPR, AED, First Aid, SafeSport and "green light" background check at all times.

Core Coaching Classes

All three of these online courses must be completed before moving onto the Level I core class.

Once you've completed the core coaching courses, you can begin the Level I certification course. This is your last step to becoming a USA Triathlon Certified Coach!

USA Triathlon’s Online Level I Coach Certification Course educates aspiring coaches on how to train their athletes on different aspects of triathlon. Coaches will learn how to design a training plan geared toward their athlete’s needs in addition to:

  • strength-specific training and key workouts
  • mechanics and skills of swimming, cycling and running
  • nutrition periodization
  • mental skills

Once the USAT Online Level I Coach Certification Course is completed, coach certification candidates must then upload verification of the remaining coach certification requirements. Candidates then have six weeks to submit the remaining coach certification requirements. Upon submission, USAT Staff reviews the submission for accuracy and completion. Once submission is approved, official USA Triathlon Level I Coach Certification is awarded.  

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Level I - Areas of Focus

Within the first two years of certification, a Level I coach is required to take at least one Area of Focus before recertification. CEUs will not be awarded for this initial Area of Focus course. Coaches may take multiple Area of Focus courses and receive five USAT CEUs per additional course.

For a USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach to be eligible to advance to Level II, they must meet all required criteria and have earned a minimum of eight Professional Advancement Units (PAUs). PAU were developed to provide flexibility for coaches with different professional experience to be considered for advancement.

  • Minimum two years as USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach
  • Coaching resume
  • Athlete letter of recommendation
  • USA Triathlon Level I Area of Focus prerequisite that corresponds to the Level II Specialization for which the coach is applying

Professional Advancement Units (PAU)

Level II - Specialization

To take a Level II Specialization Clinic, you must have competed the corresponding Level I Area of Focus course.