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Do you want to give back to the Triathlon community? Sign up to be come a USAT volunteer today! Without our volunteers, we wouldn't be able to put together such great events. Check out some of our up coming events below.

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Multisport National Championship Festival

June 5-9, 2024

Omaha, Nebraska

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USA Triathlon Olympic & Sprint National Championships

 September 13-15, 2024

Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Other Volunteer Job Descriptions

The event job descriptions listed below are the most common jobs at all National Championships. There may be a need to add or delete jobs based on the specific event.

Aid Station - Add "Master Mixologist" or "Hydration Specialist" to your resume. Two parts water, one part Gatorade, stir, pour, repeat. OR perfect your baton relay by passing cups to parched but appreciative participants. Fill half a cup, grasp by the rim, pinch and pass. It's a great family bonding experience at the Aid Stations. (P.S. - keep America beautiful- clean up those cups too)

Athlete Escort - Work with USADA and USA Triathlon to assist in the athlete drug-testing procedures.

Awards Ceremony - Crown Champions here. Help USAT staff hand out awards and set up for the awards ceremony. Moving tables, chairs and decorate the hotel reception area to ensure a professional championship look.

Bag Check - Race day can be stressful, so help take some stress away from our athletes by working bag check. Our All-star team will show you the system, and the athletes can rest assured their stuff is safe!

Bike Check In/Check Out - A lot of bikes can mean a lot of confusion! Help our staff and officials check in bikes and make sure they're all safe and compliant, and then make sure the correct bikes are exiting with their rightful owners!

Bike Course Support - Do people often comment on your great sense of direction? Share that gift with racers as you point them on their way to victory!

Certified Lifeguards - Must be a lifeguard with a current certification.

Expo Support - Assist our rock star Marketing team with setting up the venue, preparing the venue sponsor items and packing everything up once the expo is over.

Finish Line Support - Waves of surging athletes are running right at you- give them some Gatorade, some food and some praise. But don't forget to get their timing chip! Athletes finishing out a long morning will need a strong shoulder to lean on

Goody Bag Stuffing - Get ready to form an assembly line and get the swag ready for packet pickup. The athletes will be forever thankful for all their great gifts you helped prepare!

Packet Pick Up - Be the bearer of gifts, the sultan of SWAG. Athletes receive their official race number, information packet, swim caps, etc. Never fear, we'll have it all lined up nice, neat and orderly. Since this role is needed mostly pre-race, participants can help too. Bring your racing husband, wife or kids along.

Post- Race Food - Assist our team in ensuring all our athletes refuel their bodies after the race!

Race Packet Stuffing - The golden ticket of the race will be this race packet envelope. Help fill envelopes with tattoos, race numbers, any and all materials the athletes will need for race day!

Results - Help deliver the good news of results to our athletes! Ask them how the race went and distribute their result ticket.

Run Course Support - Cheerleader and flagman combine to give a friendly face and directional support for tired athletes on their way to the finish line. Show them the way home!

Swim Course Land Support - One if by land-Triathletes are usually free-range. Corral the eager masses into the holding pen prior to beginning the swim; roping skills, not necessary. Each wave (a.k.a.- group) wears the same color swim cap- check off their numbers, wish them luck and thank TYR for making your job easy.

Swim Exit

Swim handlers (PC Open) 

Team USA Assistant - As Team USA Volunteers, you'll be assisting our Team USA Manager in the sign-up process for our World Teams. These sign-ups will be done on site at the Awards Ceremony.

Timing Team/Timing Chip Support - If you're persistently punctual, then this job is for you. Assist our timer before and after the racing begins. AJ is a pro so follow his lead: help with recording athletes' finish times, distribute the non-disposable chips to athletes and retrieve the chips after the race. As we all know, timing is everything.

Transition - Change is inevitable. In multisport, we embrace it. Transition is the fenced in area containing all the bikes, racks, clothing and excitement. It is the foundation of the triathlon course. Guard this barricaded fortress, secure its entrances from spectators and relax in the fact that you've just saved Triathlon Universe.

Venue Support/Spectator Crossings - As venue support, you will be in charge of pedestrian traffic and ensuring that if they are crossing the race route, they are doing so in a correct and safe area.

VIP Hospitality Tent Assistant - Assist with VIP needs including check-in/tent access, early bike check-out, and general VIP attendee questions.

VIP Packet Pick Up 


The following videos are to assist race directors in preparing and training volunteers for race day. The videos are also provided for volunteers in preparing for race day. Video topics include: Finish Line, setting up an aid station, transition area, registration and packet pickup, course marshal, and water safety.

What is SafeSport?

We all have a role to play in creating a healthy setting for sport. SafeSport helps raise awareness about misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue, and provide training and resources. When we work as a team, we can build a game plan to make sport safe ― for everyone. Learn more about SafeSport.

USA Triathlon has implemented an Education and Training Policy to strengthen its athlete safety program and to ensure the environments in its athletic programs are as safe as possible at every level. The education component required by USA Triathlon provides participants with information necessary to more effectively monitor their organization/team, minimize the opportunities for physical and sexual abuse and other types of misconduct, and respond to concerns. It is also a strong public statement that the organization places a priority on athlete safety.

While SafeSport training is not required to volunteer, it is highly encouraged. 

MAAPP - If you are volunteering at a USAT event with minor athlete participants, you need to be familiar with USAT’s Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies. The policies include guidance on One on One Interaction, Massage and Rubdowns/Athletic Training Modalities, Locker Rooms/Changing Areas, Social Media & Electronic Communication and Local/Team Travel.

Be sure to implement the Buddy System: Two individuals operating together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other!

How Do I Complete the SafeSport Training?

Create an account on the SafeSport website by clicking on the box in the center of the homepage where it says “CLICK HERE Register or Sign In”

1.  Click “Register” and follow the instructions.

2.  Enter USA Triathlon's access code when prompted. You can find this code by logging on to your USAT member profile, click on “Exclusive Partner Discounts” and scroll down until you see the code from the US Center for SafeSport.

3.  Complete registration and sign in. Once a new account is created, check your email for an email from no-reply@safesport.org to confirm your account.

4.  Complete the “SafeSport Trained” webinar available to you. This should take about 90 minutes to complete.

Please email completed certificates with your name to safesport@usatriathlon.org.

If you experience issues with the training, log out of the website and close your browser, then re-open browser and log back in. If this does not work, please contact the SafeSport help desk at help.desk@safesport.org