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Letter from Commissioner of Officials

by Mark Turner

To the Race Director Community,

As the USA Triathlon Commissioner of Officials, it is my responsibility to serve the needs of our constituents. In the last year we have launched several initiatives including training modules for both Basic Customer Service training as well as an advanced customer service training called CARES. CARES is an acronym that establishes five foundational customer service standards. CARES stands for Communicative, Advocate, Resourceful, Empathetic, and Serve. The CARES training is designed provide education for representatives of USA Triathlon, such as officials, with the tools that embody the following:

“To not only meet but exceed our constituents’ expectations in the areas of engagement and customer care, USA Triathlon has developed customer service training dedicated to improving both external and internal customer service standards. The modules in this training are designed to support our organizational goals of elevating the level of service, support, and value we are providing to each constituent group and supporting the revamping and growth of education and resources for all constituents. This training is primarily geared toward USA triathlon staff, officials, coaches, and race directors. The goal of this training is to establish agreed upon standards for service for all stakeholders in our sport.” Introduction to CARES Training

If you are a race director who uses the services of USAT Certified Officials, I want to thank you on behalf of your officials program. If you are a race director who chooses to self-officiate, please know that there are many services of the program that are still available to you. If you would like to learn more about using the services of USAT certified officials, please reach out to the program at either rulesandofficials@usatriathlon.org or directly to me at the contact info below. We will have a representative on our leadership team reach out as soon as possible to answer any questions or hear any concerns you may have about using USAT officials at your events.


Mark Turner
USAT Triathlon Commissioner of Officials

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