SafeSport Resources for Parents

by USA Triathlon

Athlete safety is our top priority at USA Triathlon. As a part of our commitment toathlete safety, we provide tools to ensure our youth athletes and their parents feel safe and secure in their training environments. Parents play an important role in the prevention of misconduct and abuse in sport,so, we want to share these resources with you and the multisport community. 

The U.S. Center for SafeSport offers a free Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sportclass. This 30-minute course educates parents about types of abuse andmisconduct in sport and provides advice on promoting positive and safe sportexperiences for minor athletes. To access the course, log in to your SafeSportaccount that you used if you previously took a SafeSport course. To sign up for afree SafeSport account, click here

Education around anti-doping ensures that sport stays clean and healthy. TheU.S. Anti-Doping Agency provides a 2024 Pocket Guide to help athletesunderstand and comply with anti-doping rules and regulations. 

Lastly, the Courage First Athlete Helpline is a resource to assist and supportathletes, parents, coaches, and sports communities who are concerned aboutemotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Athlete-centered counselors offerconfidential support and resources through calls, texts, and online chat.Thank you for your commitment to keeping sport safe. If you have any questions about SafeSport reporting or additional questions or concerns, please email