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Age Group Team USA Athletes Win 13 Medals at World Triathlon Winter World Championships

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Snow-loving age group Team USA athletes won six gold medals and 13 overall at the 2023 Winter Triathlon Age-Group World Championships in Skeikampen, Norway, that took place March 23-26. 

Athletes representing 19 nations competed in Winter Triathlon (run, bike, ski) and Winter Duathlon (run-ski) in the small town of Skeikampen, near the 1994 Winter Olympic venue Lillehammer. Team USA's 13 total medals were second to host country Norway. 

Team USA athletes qualified for the 2023 Winter Triathlon Age-Group World Championships via their performances at the 2022 USA Triathlon Winter Triathlon National Championships in Alaska. 

Team USA athlete Colleen McGovern (Anchorage, Alaska) won two golds in Norway, earning the women's 25-29 age group world title in Winter Triathlon and Winter Duathlon. McGovern won the national title at the 2022 USA Triathlon Winter Triathlon National Championships. 

Jasmine Neeno (Anchorage, Alaska) won world gold in the women's 30-34 age group in Winter Triathlon, while Heather Helzer (women's 35-39; Anchorage, Alaska), Pamela Weiss (women's 50-54; Anchorage, Alaska) and Sheri Schrock (women's 65-69; Cohasset, Minn.) won world gold in Winter Duathlon. 

Schrock also earned silver in Winter Triathlon and Helzer earned bronze.  

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2023 World Triathlon Winter Championships Skeikampen 

Skeikampen, Norway 

Winter Triathlon - Full Results

2.7k run, 2.5 bike, 2.6k ski

U.S. Medalists 

F25-29: Colleen McGovern (Anchorage, Alaska), 1:51:02

F30-34: Jasmine Neeno (Anchorage, Alaska), 1:55:36


F65-69: Sheri Schrock (Cohasset, Minn.), 2:20:47

F35-39: Heather Helzer (Anchorage, Alaska.), 1:58:51
F45-49: Sara Sjostrom (Anchorage, Alaska), 2:35:22

Winter Duathlon - Full Results

U.S. Medalists 


F25-29: Colleen McGovern (Anchorage, Alaska), 59:17 

F35-39: Heather Helzer (Anchorage, Alaska), 1:04:01

F50-54: Pamela Weiss (Anchorage, Alaska), 1:08:45

F65-69: Sheri Schrock (Cohasset, Minn.), 1:25:42


F35-39: Kristin Riall (Anchorage, Alaska), 1:18:25


F50-54: Denise Mueller (Encinitas, Calif.),1:47:29 

F55-59: Rose Garner (Anchorage, Alaska), 1:29:31

F65-69: Christine Wodke (Milwaukee, Wis.), 2:08:28 

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