USA Triathlon's Proposed Bylaw and Policy Changes

by USA Triathlon

USA Triathlon is committed to being transparent in revisions to its bylaws and policies, among other business affairs and activities of the organization, and to being proactive in its communication and information sharing. Additionally, USA Triathlon and the Board of Directors are dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages feedback and commentary from the community and constituents. 

USA Triathlon’s annual members are the foundation of the organization and an engaged membership is vital in continuing to move the organization, community and sport forward.   

Please direct feedback, comments and questions to Joel Rosinbum, Chair of the USA Triathlon Board of Directors, at or Nellie Viner, USA Triathlon Senior Legal Counsel at

Proposed Bylaw Changes 

The proposed revisions of the USA Triathlon Bylaws include an update to the definitions of both “Elite 10 Year Athlete” and “Elite 10+ Year Athlete” contained in Section 6.8. The USA Triathlon Athletes Advisory Council proposed this revision to the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) Athlete Representation Review Working Group, which was approved. The expanded definitions include all elite Ironman athletes who finished in the top half of a World Championship in both the full and 70.3 distances. This is helpful for USA Triathlon because it expands the group of people who can serve as an Athlete on the Board of Directors and Committees to meet the 33.3% athlete representation requirement. 
Grievance and Disciplinary Policy  

The Bylaws reference USA Triathlon’s “Complaint Procedures,” which are actually titled “USA Triathlon’s Grievance and Disciplinary Policy.” The proposed title update is contained in Section 13.1 of the Bylaws. This change is for clarity and consistency across USA Triathlon’s policies and does not reflect any change in content. The Grievance and Disciplinary Policy is already available on the USA Triathlon website here.

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