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Winning in the Water: Top Tri Tips for the Open Water Swim

by Zone3

Athlete in wetsuit

As race season approaches, it's likely that you're in the final stages of training to achieve your personal bests. To assist you, we've compiled a list of important open water swimming tips.

  1. Use Anti Chaffe Balm

    It's self-evident, but without lubrication, you run a high risk of chafing. Apply wetsuit-specific lube generously around your neck front, back, and sides to avoid any discomfort.

  2. Make sure you have the right wetsuit!

    Choosing the right wetsuit can make all the difference in your open water swimming performance. The right wetsuit can help you swim faster, stay warmer, and feel more confident in the water. If you're not sure which wetsuit to use, check out this guide on the ZONE3 website -

  3. Check Your Zip

    Have someone inspect your zip and Velcro closure to ensure it's properly secured and that you can reach the zip cord.

  4. Warm Up Before Entering the Water

    Before jumping into the water, warm up to increase your body temperature and prepare mentally for the activity ahead. Swing your arms, loosen your shoulders, and do a few squat jumps to get your blood flowing.

  5. Acclimate Yourself

    Allow time to get into the water gradually. Stand in waist-deep water, take a deep breath, and splash water on your face. If possible, pour some water into your wetsuit's neck.

  6. Position Yourself Wisely

    Leave your ego behind and position yourself at the back of the pack if you're not a strong swimmer. Attempting to lead the pack as a weak swimmer is not a good idea.

  7. Don't Sight! Don’t be a sheep!

    If you're in a group of swimmers, avoid sighting every 4-6 strokes. Keep an eye on the bodies around you, and you'll be able to follow the crowd.

  8. Take a spare pair of goggles

Bring an extra pair of goggles since they might break at any time. If you require a new pair, you can find the entire Zone3 collection here.