Recertification for 2025

The following policy will go into effect for those up for recertification in 2025 and beyond. Those up for recertification in 2023 or 2024 should follow those years' recertification policy.

The 2025 recertification policy focuses on personal growth and professional development in the USA Triathlon coaching community. The purpose of USAT's education department is to drive innovation in sport education through investment in our resources and thru collaboration with our coaching community.

Please review the following:

  • Categories of CEUs
  • Application Process to be a CEU Provider

Continuing Education Units (CEU) are authentic learning activities under direction of the USA Triathlon education department and personnel. These learning activities are designed to ensure USA Triathlon Certified Coaches keep their knowledge of industry trends, technology, and triathlon regulations relevant. CEUs are crucial for professional coaches to stay up to date with the most relevant triathlon coaching education as well as ensure each coach is well-rounded.

Continuing education does NOT include the daily activities of a coach or while performing the daily duties of another profession such as attending training, leading training rides, meeting with athletes, creating courses, coaching in a daily training environment, running or coaching at a camp or clinic, teaching, etc.

All USA Triathlon Certified Coaches are required to earn a minimum of 12 USAT CEUs to maintain their professional coach certification during each two-year cycle:

  • 8 USAT CEUs
  • 4 CEUs from any category: USAT, Adjuct or Institutional (can use multiple categories)

It is the responsibility of each certified coach to maintain a record and documentation for all completed CEUs.

Types of CEUs

List of CEUs

The following courses provide CEUs toward recertification. This list is not comprehensive. Email for questions or CEU approval. CEUs must be earned within the current recertification cycle (2 year period).

USA Triathlon offers a variety of webinars designed specifically for triathlon coaches. Each webinar is approximately 60 minutes in length. Webinars can be purchased for pricing ranging from $34.99 to $41.99 each and come with the webinar recording and a 10 question webinar exam. Coaches earn one USAT CEU upon passing a webinar exam (a passing score is 80% or higher).

Find a Webinar


For questions regarding the webinar program, email

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