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USA Triathlon Certified Coaches are a vital part of our success in the mission to grow, inspire and support the triathlon community. USA Triathlon is dedicated to providing you unparalleled resources to ensure you are qualified, confident and successful throughout your coaching career. If you have any questions, please contact

Benefits of Obtaining Coach Certification

  • Multisport Courses and Education

    • Access to coach specific continuing education courses
  • Insurance Coverage

    • General Liability Insurance Coverage (USA residents only)
  • Exclusive Marketing Opportunities

    • Use of the USA Triathlon Certified Coach Logo
  • Discounts

  • NCAA Coaching

    • More information coming soon!
USA Triathlon's coach development pathway. Coaches may enter either at the Associate Level or Level 1. Upon reaching Level 1 certification, they take a Level I Area of Focus course before moving onto a Level II Specialization. Level III, elite international coaching, is an option for a select number of candidates.

Coach Development Pathway

  • Associate Coach Certification

    As an introduction to coaching multisport, the online Associate Coach Certification course provides basic coaching techniques intended for assistant coaches, high school coaches, parents or other multisport athletes, including:

    • Foundations and fundamentals of coaching multisport
    • Coaching theory

    and more!

    More about the Associate Coach Level
  • Level I Certification

    USA Triathlon’s Online Level I Coach Certification Course is designed to educate aspiring coaches on how to train their athletes on different aspects of triathlon. Coaches will learn:

    • how to design a training plan
    • strength-specific training for triathlete
    • nutrition periodization and mental skills

    and more!

    More about Level I
  • Area of Focus

    Within the first two years of certification, a Level I coach is required to take at least one Area of Focus before recertification. Area of Focus courses give a coach additional skills surrounding one important part of multisport coaching.

    More Information
  • Level II

    Level II courses are specialized classes that build on knowledge gained during your Area of Focus course. Coaches must apply to Level II specialization courses.

    More about Level II
  • Level III

    USA Triathlon’s Level III Coaching Certification is designed to select and develop elite, international-caliber coaches capable of delivering the highest standard of practical athlete development expertise. Level III Certification is highly selective.

    More about Level III