Area of Focus

  • Associate Level
  • Level I
  • Level II
  • Level III

Area of Focus courses are a single day coaching course that diving dive deeper into one of four core areas: 

  • Short Course
  • Long Course
  • Youth and Junior
  • Paratriathlon

Coaches must take a minimum of one area of focus for recertification. The first area of focus course will not gain a coach any Continuing Education Units (CEUs), but any additional area of focus courses taken will provide five USAT CEUs. Areas of Focus will also be used as a pre-requisite for any further advancement in the coaching pathway. For example, if a coach wanted to take a Level II Short Course Certification, I they would need to have taken the Short Course Area of Focus from Level I. All courses will build upon each other moving forward.

Area of Focus and Specialization Schedule


  • New coaches who certified after Jan. 1, 2021, have 24 months to complete their Area of Focus at a cost of $150. After the 24-month deadline has passed, the price for their area of focus will increase to $199.
  • Coaches who lapse on their recertification will be required to take an Area of Focus at a cost of $150 in order to remain in the program and in good standing.
  • All current USA Triathlon Certified Coaches who certified prior to January 1, 2021, were defaulted to the Level I Short Course Area of Focus. Coaches who meet this qualification do not need to take an Area of Focus for 2021 recertification. However, if you do take an Area of Focus, you will earn five USAT CEUs.

Level I Areas of Focus

The following courses will fulfil the Area of Focus requirement for Level I recertification.

Level II Specialization Clinics

To take a Level II Specialization Clinic, you must have competed the corresponding Level I Area of Focus course.