Level III Certification

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USA Triathlon’s Level III Coaching Certification is designed to select and develop elite, international-caliber coaches capable of delivering the highest standard of practical athlete development expertise. The program allows candidates to:

  • develop more specialized practical coaching skills
  • improve performance planning and analysis
  • learn organizational techniques through active learning exercises and interactions with the Education Staff of USA Triathlon and the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.

The Level III Certification is highly selective. Due to the rigor and personal focus of the Level III clinic, not all candidates will be accepted as a clinic participant. Final clinic selection will be determined by a committee of current USA Triathlon Level III Certified Coaches.

Required Criteria

Coaches must have achieved the following in order to be eligible for the Level III clinic. Candidates who don't have all of the criteria will not be considered.

  • A letter describing why you make the ideal Level III USA Triathlon Certified Coach candidate based on the required criteria and Professional Advancement Units (PAUs)

  • A minimum of five PAUs

  • Minimum four years as USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach and a minimum of eight years coaching (may include sports other than triathlon)

  • USA Triathlon Level II Certification in all of the following areas:

    • Long Course
    • Short Course
    • Youth & Junior
    • Paratriathlon
  • Coaching resume (including specific coaching certifications and experience)

  • Guided Recommendation (form required) from a USA Triathlon Certified Coach or equivalent (information below)

  • Service to the sport (ways you have given back to the sport, above and beyond normal coaching duties)

  • USAT approved mentorship/internship

The following questions are to be answered by a USA Triathlon Certified Coach or equivalent to refer a USA Triathlon Level II coach for Level III certification clinic acceptance. The USA Triathlon Level III Coach Certification process is designed to identify and educate the highest-level coaches that are looking to contribute to the coaching community. It is important that these questions are answered with as much detail as possible as the committee will need this information to make final clinic acceptance decisions.

Guided Recommendation

Coaches making the recommendation should submit a resume and/or bio that includes their name and contact information.

Level III PAUs

The following certifications or achievements provide Level III PAUs.

A USA Triathlon Coaching Certification is valid for two years. In order to maintain your USA Triathlon Coaching Certification, you must recertify at the end of that two-year time frame (USAT has two recertification deadlines per year: June 30 and December 1). Please note, your Coach Certification expiration date is located on your coaching certificate.

Basic Recertification Requirements

Additionally, all Level III Certified Coaches must either select three of the options below and complete 20 total CEUs or complete all of the options below and 0 CEUs:

  • Present a USA Triathlon Webinar (unpaid)
  • Write an article for the Performance Coaching Newsletter (unpaid)
  • Host two USA Triathlon CEU Clinics in partnership with USAT (50/50 paid split with USAT)
  • Present at a USA Triathlon Coaching Clinic (paid)
  • Propose Your Own (must be approved - please email coaching@usatriathlon.org)