The USA Triathlon Events app will once again be available for Apple and Android smartphones. Through a partnership with SportStats USA and Real Time Race Tracking (, USA Triathlon’s national events will be featured on the app. Athletes, spectators, family, and friends will be able to follow the progress of athletes as they race through each of USA Triathlon’s National Championships. Though the whole season schedule will be listed, currently, only select USA Triathlon national championships will feature live athlete tracking in the app: Collegiate Club, Multisport National Championships Festival, Youth and Junior, and Sprint and Olympic-distance National Championships. 

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The USA Triathlon Events app features live tracking and social media sharing of race results. Through the app, users can do the following:

  • Track yourself or other participants. Multiple participants may be tracked at once.
  • Register for race updates, like when an athlete crosses a chip mat or finishes the race.
  • Users can register for individual participant updates through: 
    • Twitter/X
    • Push Notification
  • View live race leaderboard
  • View the estimated location of an athlete on the course
    • Please note: the locations of athletes are an estimate calculated by the app. Estimated location is based on when an athlete has crossed a chip timing mat and how fast they are going between all timing mats. The actual location of an athlete on the course may vary.
  • Receive important notifications about the event from USA Triathlon
    • USA Triathlon will send push notifications through the app to provide event details, advise users of changes to the event schedule, and notify users of emergencies.
  • View the overall race results and current race leaderboard
  • Register to volunteer at an event
  • View pertinent event information and schedules

Athletes, spectators, family, and friends will also be able to utilize web browser-based live tracking. Individual live tracking sites for each event can be viewd on desktop, tablet, or smartphone devices. Web-browser tracking has the same features as on the app (listed above). However, when utilizing web-browser tracking, you can not receive push notifications, though all notifications can still be viewed on the messages tab.

Please note: Times posted during the event are UNOFFICIAL. Official results are posted upon completion of the event.

The USA Triathlon Events App can be downloaded on Apple devices through the Apple App Store. On Android devices, the app can be downloaded through the Google Play store. Simply search “USA Triathlon Events” in either store to locate the app. You may also click the icons at the top of the page.

No. The app is completely free to download and utilize.

  • Click the tracker tab on the app or website. Search by name or bib number. Searching by name will only be available close to event week and searching by bib number will only be available on race day(s).
  • Every athlete you track will automatically appear on the main screen of the tracker tab.
  • Click each athlete to enable automatic Facebook or Twitter updates.

You can sign up for athlete notifications in the 1-2 weeks prior to race day. Athlete information will not be visible in the app until 1-2 weeks prior to the event.

Live tracking is an estimate of where an athlete is on the course based on when they started the race, when they crossed chip mats, and how fast they were going between chip mats. Live tracking may not be an exact representation of where an athlete actually is on the course. If an athlete has stopped on the course or dropped out of the race, this will not be reflected in live tracking until the timer has received and input that information into the system. 

No. You are tracked solely by your timing chip when it crosses timing mats. Participants are encouraged to not carry phones while racing. Please see rules below on this topic.

Per the USA Triathlon Competitive rules, phones are prohibited from being used at anytime during racing. Athlete's caught using a phone during racing will incur a variable time penalty and risk disqualification.

However, participants may still carry phones during racing if they are stored out of sight. This means phones must be stored in a backpack, cycle pack, or in some fashion that they are entirely out of sight and inaccessible during racing. Arm bands are not considered out of sight and risk penalty if used.

The exception to this rule is that a participant may use their phone only when they have pulled off the course and come to a complete stop.

Please note: per the USA Triathlon Competitive rules, personal audio devices and headphones are also prohibited from being used during racing. 

Currently, only the four USA Triathlon Owned National Championships feature live athlete tracking in the app. The other championships are not currently integrated into the app.

For further information on other USA Triathlon National Championships, click here.