National Triathlon Week


    National Triathlon Week Schedule

    • June 26: Time to Tri Day

      Get Started in Multisport
    • June 27 - Swim Day

      Swim Like a Fish
    • June 28 - Bike Day

      Better Your Biking
    • June 29 - Run Day

      Pound the Pavement
    • June 30 - Olympic and Paralympic Day

      Meet the Greats
    • July 1 - Race Day

      Put it All Together
    • July 2 - Member Appreciation Day

      The Multisport Impact

    Multisport Community Options

    • Members of Team USA are seen holding U.S. flags and waving while taking part in the Parade of Nations at a World Triathlon Championship event.

      Join the Multisport Community

      USA Triathlon membership opens the door to multisport events all year long and is required to compete in USAT sanctioned races. Join now to experience the ultimate endurance challenge!

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    Embrace the spirit of triathlon on Time to Tri Day, where beginners are encouraged to join the multisport movement, discover training resources, and take their first steps toward an exhilarating journey of endurance and achievement.

    • How to Get Started

      At first blush triathlon can seem overwhelming, but training and racing for each sport - swimming, cycling and running - is the beauty of multisport. This step-by-step gude shows you how to bring them together anad begin your multisport journey.

      Begin Your Multisport Journey
    • Competing as a Youth

      1. Participate in a Splash and Dash near you.
      1. Compete in your first multisport race with your friends.
      2. Participate in a USA Kids Tri program near you.
      3. Become a Youth and Junior Premier member and receive access to monthly training guides, talks with Olympians and Paralympians and more.
      4. Become a Youth Reporter in the USA Triathlon Kids Magazine! Have a chance to share your multisport experiences and even interview elite athletes!
      5. Race at USA Triathlon Nationals! No matter what your skill level is, you have the opportunity to race at a National Race this year!  Come race the same course as professional triathletes and even get a chance to meet them!
      6. Attend a triathlon camp near you!!
    • An athlete floats in the water and gives a thumbs-up sign.

    Dive into the water and celebrate the power of swimming, focusing on technique, training drills, and water safety to help triathletes enhance their performance in the open water.

    More Swim Tips

    Pedal into excitement on Bike Day, exploring the world of cycling within triathlon. From gear recommendations to expert tips, this day is dedicated to all things biking, including training strategies, bike maintenance, and the joy of exploring new routes.

    Lace up your running shoes and hit the road on Run Day, embracing the sport's fundamental discipline. Discover strategies for efficient running, injury prevention, and motivation as you celebrate the resilience and endurance of triathletes.

    Join the global celebration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games on this special day, as triathlon pays homage to the extraordinary athletes who compete at the highest level. Learn about their inspiring stories, their dedication to excellence, and the unifying power of sport.

    Olympic and Paralympic History

    • The eight members of the 2000 U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team are pictured. Each member is individually wrapped in a U.S. flag, and the seven are posing in front of a large singular U.S. flag.
      Getty Images

      Triathlon's Olympic Debut Down Under

      Triathlon's Olympic debut came at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

      Next slide: Williams Wins First U.S. Olympic Medal
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    Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush on Race Day, where the culmination of National Triathlon Week arrives. Triathletes showcase their strength and determination, competing against each other and the clock, in a thrilling display of the sport's competitive spirit.

    With more than 4,000 USA Triathlon sanctioned races of all sizes and distances available throughout the year, there's one in your area that's perfect for you. Or, take part in one of USA Triathlon's various series of events, including Women's, off-road and draft-legal races.

    Want to win a state or national championship? USA Triathlon offers both!

    Find a State Championship

    Find a National Championship

    Choose the Right Race

    • An athlete jumps and clicks his heels while crossing the finish line at a race.
      Content categorized by:NewsRaceGoalsBeginner

      Choose the Right Race for You

      What are you looking for in your next race. A great destination? A course or field that'll help you qualify for Nationals? There's a lot to consider when choosing a race, and USA Triathlon Certified Coaches are here to offer some advice.

      Read More

    On this day of gratitude, National Triathlon Week honors and appreciates the dedicated members, clubs, coaches and race directors that support and uplift the triathlon community. Celebrate the camaraderie, shared passion, and contributions of those who make triathlon a vibrant and welcoming sport.

    How can you get involved?

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