Membership Hub FAQs

Why do I have to go through this process to activate my account?

Activating your account is a one-time process and you will not have to go through it again once you have initially signed into the new Membership Hub.

How do I activate my account?

You will be sent an email from inviting you to activate your membership account and confirm your email address on the new membership system.

After activating your account, you will be prompted to create a new username and password, which will serve as your login information for the new Membership Hub. When creating your username and password, you are welcome to use the same membership log-in credentials you are using in the current system as long as your password is at least six characters.

Should I open and respond to emails from

Yes! Correspondence to USA Triathlon members from the new USA Triathlon Membership Hub will continue to be sent from so please be sure to stay on the lookout for additional emails from this address.

When do I need to activate my account?

There is no deadline to activate your account and the email/link will not expire.

What features are beneficial to members?

The enhanced member dashboard features custom notifications, as well as the latest USA Triathlon news and weekly training tips from USA Triathlon Certified Coaches; an upgraded Find A Coach tool with improved search functionality by proximity/location, certification level, specialty and multisport discipline An enhanced Find a Club tool that makes it even easier to connect with a club near you; access to your digital annual membership card; easy access to great, exclusive discounts from our corporate partners; ability to manage multiple accounts in your family, including spouse and children.

How do I change the password on my membership profile?

You can change your password in just a few easy steps. Once logged into your account:

Click the Account settings button on the side navigation. Click on the “Login & Security” tab. Enter your new password two (2) times at the bottom of the page. Be sure to save changes. You will receive an email confirming your membership account has been changed.

I forgot my password and cannot login. How do I login?

On the login page of the USA Triathlon Membership Hub, click on the “Forgot Password?” option at the bottom left:

You will be directed to a reset password page where you will be asked for your email address. Use your email address associated with your membership account and click “send password reset link.” Go to your email and click the “reset password” button. You will then be directed to a password reset page. Enter your new password in two (2) times and click reset password. You will automatically be logged in and your password will be updated.

How do I change the email on my membership profile?

You can change your email address in just a few easy steps. Once logged into your account:

Click the Account settings button on the side navigation. Click the “Login & Security” tab. Under “Change your email address” enter your new email address and hit save changes. You will be sent to a page that says verify email address. Go to your new email inbox, open the email from USA Triathlon, and click the “verify email address” button. Your email has successfully been updated – If you not see the email in your inbox please first check your spam/junk folder. If the auto email is not there, please contact the Membership Department via email at or phone at 719-955-2807 for assistance.

How do I renew my annual membership?

The fastest way to renew your annual membership is through the USA Triathlon Membership Hub. Once the transaction is complete, you will be able to print your membership card as the account will be created instantaneously.

Log in to your membership profile. On the top left of the dashboard will be your member card with your image, Member ID, Member Type and Member Period. Click on Renew Membership located directly below your membership period date Select the correct membership type you would like to purchase. Update any profile details including phone & email, primary residence, and emergency contacts. Then click confirm and continue.Read and agree to the waivers. Date and sign the waiver and then click save and continue. Select your payment method (check or credit/debit card) and add in all of the necessary information. Then confirm and acknowledge before submitting payment.

You will be sent to an order confirmation page where you will see your Membership Number. You will also receive an email confirming your purchase.

How can I view my membership card?

There are two ways to view your membership card:

Once you are logged in to your membership profile, on your dashboard you will see your information with your image, Member ID, Member Type and Member Period:

Below that you will see a big blue button that says “Membership Card.” Once you click the blue button you will be directed to your up-to-date membership card.


Once you are logged in to your membership profile click the Account settings button on the side navigation. Click on the “Membership” button. You will be able to see your membership card with your current member number and expiration date

How can I see if my payment went through?

There are two ways to see if your payment went through:

Check to see if you received a confirmation email from USA Triathlon.


Once logged into your membership profile, go to settings. Click “Payments & Orders.”There you will be able to see a complete order history of all purchases.

How can I edit my address, phone number, email?

Once logged into your account:

Click settings on the side navigation. Click profile and scroll down. Click the “add a (phone number, address, email)” button. Create the new phone number/address/email. Star the most up-to-date/preferred phone number/address/email.

How can I add a family member account to my profile?

Once logged into your account, go to settings:

Select the “add account button” at the top left of the page next to your profile image. You will be directed to a new page where you can either create a new account for your family member or you can login to a preexisting account.

How can I find an event on the membership system?

Once logged into your dashboard:

Click “Events Calendar” on the side navigation. On the page you can search for an event by date, location, title, and race type.

When will the revamped Race Calendar go live?

The cleaner and more user-friendly Race Calendar will be available this summer. It will include added features and details about every race and give members the ability to search and filter races by date, distance, athlete type, race type, available waves, competition level and more.