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Donate Your Used Gear to TriThrift, Support the Community

by Marguerite Madden

Marguerite Madden

Founded by Marguerite Madden, TriThrift is a nonprofit that collects and distributes used multisport gear to help ease the cost burden of entry to the sport.

Triathlon, a sport renowned for its camaraderie and inclusivity, is seeing a transformative wave thanks to the nonprofit organization TriThrift. This 501c3 is reshaping the landscape of endurance sports as they work to make triathlon more accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of the barriers to entry they may face.

TriThrift operates on a simple yet effective model: collect donated endurance gear from veteran athletes and redistribute it to aspiring individuals who want to get into the sport. As TriThrift works to redistribute this gear, the organization donates 20% of its quarterly profits to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. 

From wetsuits and bike gear to running shoes and activewear, TriThrift is working to ensure no aspiring athlete is held back by triathlon’s equipment cost.

What sets TriThrift apart is not just its commitment to providing gear, it's also the community-centric approach. Collaborating with local triathlon clubs and coaches, the organization identifies those in need and facilitates gear distribution to maximize impact —look for TriThrift’s tent at some races this season!

TriThrift doesn't just provide physical resources — it fosters a sense of unity within the triathlon community. By promoting the culture of donating gear, TriThrift inspires a cycle of giving that extends beyond the organization itself. This is perhaps best seen through its weekly Tri & Write blog series, a platform that gives athletes of all ability levels the opportunity to share about their experiences overcoming barriers in the endurance world. 

As the organization continues to grow, so does the ripple effect of its positive impact on multi-sport, creating a more inclusive and vibrant triathlon community for all. 

Learn more about TriThrift and how you can donate your gear, write for the blog, or shop the collection at

(Photo by Marguerite Madden)

“I heard about TriThrift through FundHerTri and SheTri’s. I love being able to browse and shop for discounted endurance gear for Swimming, Cycling, and Running. Endurance sports can be expensive so saving money by purchasing items from TriThrift helps any budget. Thank you for helping my family as we train for our next events.” — Kelly Billman, Summerville, S.C.”

"After completing my first triathlon this summer with the YWCA Minneapolis Women's Triathlon, I knew I was hooked! As a beginner triathlete I knew improving my tri gear would be important and luckily a friend let me know about TriThrift!  TriThrift was a game changer for me in finding affordable apparel and equipment that helps me train better and look better! :) It also feels great knowing that I've supported TriThrift's overall mission of helping all people compete in endurance sports AND support the Challenged Athletes Foundation. It isn't often you can find an organization that supports you and a whole community of inclusive sports!" — Greta Simons, Minneapolis, Minn.