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2022 Call for Election Nominations

by USA Triathlon

USA Triathlon invites eligible members to run for an elected position on the Board of Directors, the Athletes’ Advisory Council and USA Triathlon’s alternate representative on the USOPC Athletes’ Advisory Council.

The USA Triathlon Board of Directors helps set the direction of the sport across the country. Get involved today! 

The nominations window opens on June 1, 2022. Nominations criteria is listed below and please send all nominations to Nominations will close on June 30, 2022. 

The positions below are open for nominations: 

• One (1) Athlete Director 
• Two (2) Athletes' Advisory Council Members 
• One (1) Alternate Representative for USOPC Athletes' Advisory Council 

USA Triathlon Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of 12 members who are elected without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or physical disability. Per the 2022 USA Triathlon Bylaw revisions, four directors are Athlete Directors, four directors are General Directors and four directors are Independent Directors. At least three of the Athlete Directors on the Board shall be Elite 10 Year Athletes as defined in Section 6.8(a) of the USA Triathlon Bylaws.

One of the Athlete Directors on the Board may be an Elite 10+ Year Athlete as defined in Section 6.8(b) of the USA Triathlon Bylaws. Athlete Directors shall be elected no less than thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of their term. The Board of Directors shall represent the interests of the triathlon and multisport community for USA Triathlon in the United States and its athletes by providing USA Triathlon with policy, guidance and strategic direction. Typically, meetings are held about three times per year with conference calls scheduled between meetings as needed.

Athletes' Advisory Council (AAC)

The Athletes’ Advisory Council (AAC) is a USA Triathlon bylaw-mandated standing committee that broadens communication between USA Triathlon and elite athletes and serves as a source of opinion and advice to the USA Triathlon Board of Directors. The AAC leads, serves, and engages athletes to communicate the interests and protect the rights of athletes, and is a conduit to USA Triathlon. The AAC consists of at least eight individuals, four Athlete Directors, and four Athlete Representatives, and the USOPC AAC alternate representative unless they are also an Athlete Representative or Athlete Director.

If not a current member of the Board, any USA Triathlon member who has been elected as the USOPC AAC athlete alternate representative, will be an ex-officio member of USA Triathlon’s Board of Directors by virtue of, and for the same term as their USOPC AAC athlete alternate term. If the athlete is a full member of the Board with voice and vote, they will be included as part of the Elite 10 Year Athlete representation requirement as contained in Section 6.6(b).
The Athlete Director term is for two years, from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024. The Athlete Director elected will also serve on the Athletes’ Advisory Council. 

The term for members of the Athletes’ Advisory Council are two years, January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024.
The Alternate Representative term is for the remainder of the Quad, from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024. 
For more information, please reference USA Triathlon’s Bylaws:

Candidate Eligibility

Candidates for the Athletes’ Advisory Council must meet the definition of “Elite 10 Year Athlete” contained in Section 6.8 of the USA Triathlon Bylaws. Candidates for the Athlete Director position on the Board of Directors may be an “Elite 10 Year Athlete” or an “Elite 10+ Year Athlete” as defined in Section 6.8 of the USA Triathlon Bylaws.
Candidates for the Alternate Representative position must meet the criteria stated in the USOPC and AAC bylaws including the 10-year requirement.

Voting Eligibility

To vote in this election, an individual must meet the definition of “Elite 10 Year Athlete” contained in Section 6.8 of the USA Triathlon Bylaws.

Petition Criteria
Nominating petitions shall include the following:
1. The name, address, contact number, e-mail address and annual membership number of the nominee
2. A written description of the nominee and their platform; the description shall not exceed 500 words
3. A photo of the nominee and
4. The nominee’s resume
5. A completed Conflict of Interest disclosure form
6. For Athlete candidates, they must include disclosures of any felony convictions, or any other period of ineligibility served in sport such as violations of anti-doping codes, the Athlete Classification Code or SafeSport violations

Petitions that do not meet the above requirements will not be considered.
Please send all nominations to

Election Timeline

Elections shall be held according to the following schedule:

May 20: Call for nominations posted on USA Triathlon website
June 1: Call for nominations opens
June 30: Call for nominations closes
Sept. 30: Election closes
October: Election results announced

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