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Athletes Earn National Titles in Aquathlon, Super-Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon at 2023 Multisport National Championships Festival

by USA Triathlon

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IRVING, Texas — The first full day of multisport racing at the 2023 USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships Festival kicked off on Thursday at Levy Event Plaza in Irving, Texas, as age group athletes competed in the Super-Sprint Triathlon Time Trial National Championships, Super-Sprint Duathlon Time Trial National Championships and the Aquathlon National Championships.  

The five-day event, which started on Wednesday with an open water swim competition, is a celebration of multisport’s diverse group of race formats. Athletes from across the U.S. have traveled to Irving to compete for age group national titles in the following National Championships:

• Draft-legal Triathlon National Championships
• Duathlon (run-bike-run) National Championships (standard and draft-legal sprint distances)
• Aquathlon (run-swim-run) National Championships
• Aquabike (swim-bike) National Championships (standard distance)
• Super Sprint Triathlon Time Trial National Championships
• Super Sprint Duathlon Time Trial National Championships
• Mixed Relay National Championships

Thursday’s racing action began with the Super-Sprint Triathlon Time Trial National Championships. Starting one-by-one in a time-trial format, athletes competing in the Super-Sprint Triathlon Time Trial National Championships raced a super-sprint distance course consisting of a 250-meter swim in Lake Carolyn and a 5-kilometer bike and 1.2k run along Las Colinas Boulevard. The distance is a shorter version of the standard sprint distance of a 750m swim, 20k bike and 5k run. With the short distance, athletes sped through the fast and flat course. 

Alexandra Leandri (Madison, Tenn.) won the women’s national title, completing the course in 18 minutes, 6 seconds. She finished just ahead of her club teammate, Jenna Haufler (Mill Valley, Calif.), who finished in 18:14. The pair are members of the USA Triathlon Official Club, Working Triathlete. 

Shantelle Tupaz (Pleasanton, Calif.) was third on the overall women’s podium, clocking a time of 18:35 to win the age 15-19 national title. 

Fellow teenager Hudson Hamilton (Fort Worth, Texas) won the men’s overall title in the Super-Sprint Triathlon Time Trial National Championships with a time of 16:10. 

Todd Suttor (Boulder, Colo.) finished second in 16:27, earning the men’s 25-29 title, while Aaron Groff (Chicago, Ill.) took third overall in 16:51. In the Super-Sprint Duathlon Time Trial, athletes started with a 1.2k run, then biked a 5k and finished with a second 1.2k run. 

Kirsten Sass, the 2022 USA Triathlon Overall and Masters Duathlete of the Year, won the title in the Super-Sprint Duathlon Time Trial in 18:39. Dani Fischer (Indianapolis, Ind.) placed second overall, winning the women’s 35-39 age group title, in a time of 19:18. Michelle Christine (Leesburg, Va.) was third in 19:24. 

Derek Stone (Westlake, Ohio), also a member of club Working Triathlete, won the men’s Super-Sprint Duathlon Time Trial in a time of 16:53. Multiple time duathlon champion Alex Arman finished second in 16:57, while Colin Catlin (Wabasha, Minn.) finished third in 17:13. 

The day wrapped with the Aquathlon National Championships. A growing multisport format, aquathlon is a swim-run race, with athletes on Thursday swimming 1,000 meters and running a 5k. 

Benjamin Stone (Indianapolis, Ind.) won the men’s Aquathlon title in a time of 30:05, comfortably ahead of Aaron Groff (Chicago, Ill.) who finished second in 31:04 and Jack Calhoun (Santa Cruz, Calif.) in 31:55. 

The women’s overall podium featured three athletes from Wisconsin — Bella Chirafisi (Middleton, Wis.) took the overall crown with a time of 34:28, Kennedy Rainwater (Brookfield, Wis.) was second in 35:28, winning her 15-19 age group title and Kristen Doster (Green Bay, Wis.) was third overall in 35:46, winning the 30-34 age group title. 

In addition to racing for age group national championships, athletes will also have the opportunity to qualify to represent age group Team USA at 2024 World Triathlon Age Group World Championships. For more information about Team USA, comprised of the nation’s top amateur multisport athletes who represent the U.S. at World Triathlon Age Group World Championship events, visit

With the opportunity to race multiple events over the four-day span, more than 100 athletes are attempting to race five or more events for the chance to earn the title of “Multisport Master.” Athletes crowned as Multisport Master will receive a special belt buckle and be honored at the final Awards Ceremony on Sunday evening.

Photos and Video 

Click here to view and download official media photos of Multisport National Championships Festival. Credit to Archi Trujillo.

View the Thursday highlight video here

Remaining Schedule 

Friday, April 21
7:15 a.m. Draft-Legal Sprint Duathlon: 5k run, 20k bike, 3.3k run 
12:50 p.m. Draft-Legal Sprint Triathlon: 750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run 

Saturday, April 22
7 a.m. Standard Duathlon: 10k run, 40k bike, 5k run
2:05 p.m. Standard Aquabike: 1500m swim, 40k bike

Sunday, April 23
7 a.m. Youth Triathlon: 100m swim, 5k bike, 1.2k run
8:30 a.m. Triathlon Mixed Relay: 250m swim, 5k bike, 1.2k run 
8:32 a.m. Super Sprint Individual Medley Triathlon: 250m swim, 5k bike, 1.2k run four times each 
12:30 p.m. Age Group Duathlon Mixed Relay: 1.2k run 1, 5k bike, 1.2k run 

2023 USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships Festival  
Irving, Texas

Super-Sprint Triathlon Time Trial 
250m swim, 5k bike, 1.2k run
Complete results
Overall Female: Alexandra Leandri (Madison, Tenn.), 18:06
Overall Male: Hudson Hamilton (Fort Worth, Texas), 16:10 
Athena 55+: Caroline Faure (Pocatello, Idaho), 25:22
Clydesdale 60+: Mike Savage (Geneva, Ill.), 24:46
Athena 40-54:Adrienne Fyock (Lewes, Del.), 24:58 
Clydesdale 40-59: Eric Michel (Westmont, Ill.), 21:06
Athena 39 and under: Ashley Miller (Urbandale, Iowa), 25:55
Clydesdale 39 and under: Truxton Fox (Granbury, Texas), 24:53
F PC Open: Skyler Fisher (Dallas, Texas), 24:45
M15-19: Hudson Hamilton (Fort Worth, Texas), 16:10 
F15-19: Shantelle Tupaz (Pleasanton, Calif.), 18:35
M20-24: Colin Macmillan (Bay Village, Ohio), 19:34
F20-24: Iman Shah (Flushing, Mich.), 32:27
M25-29: Todd Suttor (Boulder, Colo.), 16:27
F25-29: Kyla Persky (Miami Beach, Fla.), 22:06
M30-34: Matt Clark (Westminster, Md.), 20:20
F30-34: Alexandra Leandri (Madison, Tenn.), 18:06
M35-39: Brent Moody (Tallahassee, Fla.), 17:27
F35-39: Dani Fischer (Indianapolis, Ind.), 19:16
M40-44: Todd Ricketts (Newark, Ohio), 17:45
F40-44: Kirsten Sass (McKenzie, Tenn.), 18:45
M45-49: Jeffrey Fejfar (Ponte Vedra, Fla.), 17:44
F45-49: Kimberly Wikel (Milan, Ohio), 20:23
M50-54: Andrew Taylor (Milton, Ontario.), 18:07
F50-54: Michellie Jones (Carlsbad, Calif.), 19:24
M55-59: Robert Skaggs (Dunedin, Fla.), 17:36
F55-59: Steph Popelar (Elizabeth, Colo.), 19:32
M60-64: Bobby Gonzales (El Paso, Texas), 19:08
F60-64: Kelly Dippold (Irvine, Calif.), 20:20
M65-69: Jim Taylor (Mill Valley, Calif.), 20:30
F65-69: Karen Chequer-Pfeiffer (Calif.), 23:45
M70-74: Rick Kozlowski (), 21:40
F70-74: Fran Trees (Sussex, N.J.), 27:20
M75-79: David Truesdall (Plymouth, Mass.), 29:27
F75-79: Ruth Hamilton (McLean, Va.), 29:55
M80-84: Ralph Ward (Sun City, Ariz.), 32:41
F80-84: June Black (Austin, Texas), 37:28
M85-89: John Charman (San Antonio, Texas), 42:32

Super-Sprint Duathlon Time Trial 
1.2k run, 5k bike, 1.2k run 
Complete results
Overall Female: Kirsten Sass (McKenzie, Tenn.), 18:39
Overall Male: Derek Stone (Westlake, Ohio), 16:53
Athena 55+: Billie Pate (Upland, Calif.), 42:25
Clydesdale 60+: Michael Demello (Vacaville, Calif.), 28:49 
Athena 40-54: Leslie Battle (Warwick, R.I.), 24:56
Clydesdale 40-59: Eric Michel (Westmont, Ill.), 20:55
Athena 39 and under: Ashley Miller (Urbandale, Iowa), 28:39
Clydesdale 39 and under: Royston Connors (Orland Park, Ill.), 30:04
F PC Open: Whitney Bennefield (Rio Rancho, N.M.), 31:03
M15-19: Luke Moore (Arlington, Texas), 19:20
F15-19: Evalouise Alexander (Newport Beach, Calif.), 24:33
M20-24: Aristeo Rodriguez (Mount Pleasant, Texas), 24:57
M25-29: Colin Catlin (Wabasha, Minn.), 17:13
M30-34: Jonathan Zappala (Lakewood, Ohio), 17:54
F30-34: Dominique Stasulli (Boulder, Colo.), 19:33
M35-39: Derek Stone (Westlake, Ohio), 16:53
F35-39: Dani Fischer (Indianapolis, Ind.), 19:18
M40-44: Todd Ricketts (Newark, Ohio), 17:47
F40-44: Kirsten Sass (McKenzie, Tenn.), 18:39
M45-49: Stefano Profumo (Santa Cruz, Calif.), 17:23
F45-49: Kimberly Wikel (Milan, Ohio), 20:38
M50-54: Christian Waterstraat (Naperville, Ill.), 18:28
F50-54: Celia Dubey (Tarpon Springs, Fla.), 21:43
M55-59: David Engstrom (Beaverton, Ore.), 18:36
F55-59: Steph Popelar (Elizabeth, Colo.), 20:11
M60-64: Jeff Dorrill (Dallas, Texas), 20:48
F60-64: Karen Cumins (Newton, N.J.), 22:23
M65-69: James Aust (Sunbury, Ohio), 20:11
F65-69: Lorrie Beck (Williamstown, N.J.), 24:46
M70-74: Mike Lies (Sanibel, Fla.), 21:35
F70-74: Ruth King (Ambler, Pa.), 28:44
M75-79: Vincent Aloyo (Blue Bell, Pa.), 26:14
F75-79: Ruth Hamilton (McLean, Va.), 30:27
M80-84: Lockett Wood (Lyons, Colo.), 30:56
F85-89: Sharon Roggenbuck (Hillsborough, N.C.), 40:53

Aquathlon National Championships 
1,000m swim, 5k run 
Complete results
Overall Female: Bella Chirafisi (Middleton, Wis.), 34:28
Overall Male: Benjamin Stone (Indianapolis, Ind.), 30:05
Athena 55+: Elle Shelley (Cedar Park, Texas), 1:11:56
Clydesdale 60+: no competitors 
Athena 40-54: Adrienne Fyock (Lewes, Del.), 47:52
Clydesdale 40-59: Eric Michel (Westmont, Ill.), 43:22
Athena 39 and under: Ashley Miller (Urbandale, Iowa), 57:47
Clydesdale 39 and under: no competitors 
F PC Open: Christine Wodke (Milwaukee, Wis.), 1:11:28 
M15-19: Samuel Wen (Houston, Texas), 33:29
F15-19: Kennedy Rainwater (Brookfield, Wis.), 35:28
M20-24: Jackson Harrell (Novi, Mich.), 34:07
F20-24: Bella Chirafisi (Middleton, Wis.), 34:28
M25-29: Benjamin Stone (Indianapolis, Ind.), 30:05
F25-29: Cynthia Siebrand (Novato, Calif.), 41:02
M30-34: Jack Calhoun (Santa Cruz, Calif.), 31:55
F30-34: Kristen Doster (Green Bay, Wis.), 35:46
M35-39: Derek Stone (Westlake, Ohio), 32:14
F35-39: Lauren Lehenbauer (Cedar Rapids, Iowa), 37:22
M40-44:  Andrew Vanlandingham (Nashville, Tenn.), 32:39
F40-44: Sarah Newcomb-Baker (Kingston, Mass.), 37:29 
M45-49: Pieter Dehart (Green Bay, Wis.), 34:40
F45-49: Jennifer Dehart (Green Bay, Wis.), 39:47
M50-54: Andrew Taylor (Milton, Ontario), 32:38
F50-54: Julianna Batizy-Morley (Littleton, Colo.), 41:46
M55-59: Robert Skaggs (Dunedin, Fla.), 32:04
F55-59: Katie McCully (Eastham, Mass.), 39:18
M60-64: George Serbia (Irvine, Calif.), 38:40 
F60-64: Alicia Caldwell (Denver, Colo.), 44:14
M65-69: James Huguenard (Louisville, Ky.), 42:04
F65-69: Karen Chequer-Pfeiffer (Calif.), 43:17 
M70-74: Philip Friedman (Erie, Pa.), 39:29 
F70-74: Ruth King (Ambler, Pa.), 58:25
M75-79: William McMillen (Santa Barbara, Calif.), 52:08
F75-79: Susan Thompson (Fort Worth, Texas), 1:03:12
M80-84: Robert Plant (Woodside, Calif.), 49:30

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