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Draft-Legal Sprint Triathlon and Aquathlon National Titles Crowned at Second Day of USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships Festival Presented by Toyota

by USA Triathlon

IRVING, Texas — Nearly 700 age group multisport athletes raced for U.S. national titles in the Draft-Legal Sprint Triathlon National Championships and Aquathlon National Championships on Friday in Irving, Texas, on day two of the 2022 USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships Festival Presented by Toyota.

Bringing together six of USA Triathlon’s National Championship races under one event, the inaugural USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships Festival features four days of age group racing at Levy Event Plaza, showcasing multisport’s many unique formats and drawing 2,500 registrants from around the country to race for national titles and the opportunity to qualify to represent age group Team USA at 2023 World Triathlon Age Group World Championships.

On Friday, swim-bike-run athletes competed in the Draft-Legal Sprint Triathlon National Championships, which is a style of triathlon racing that involves riding in packs on the bike. Athletes also raced for national titles in the Aquathlon National Championships, a swim-run race that is gaining popularity among multisport athletes.

Miguel Mattox (Mill Valley, Calif.) won the men’s overall national title in both the Draft-Legal Sprint Triathlon National Championships and Aquathlon National Championships on Friday.

Mattox — who also raced Thursday’s Super Sprint Time Trial National Championships and the open water swim competition — covered the 750-meter swim, 20-kilometer bike and 5k run Draft-Legal Sprint Triathlon course in a time of 56 minutes, 32 seconds to secure his first national championship.

Racing in his first draft-legal triathlon, Mattox, 27, emerged out of the water of Lake Carolyn in first place, clocking a 9:26 swim split. Mattox then held steady on the bike, riding with the leaders in the main bike group, before pulling away on the run with a 15:56 5K to secure the overall win.

“It was super cool (racing draft-legal). I could see myself doing more of these,” said Mattox who took the advice of his coach to enthusiastically work together with the other lead men in the bike. “I was talking nonstop, giving encouragement, shouting ‘let’s go, let’s go.’ It worked. We put a nice gap on the chase pack and it was super fun talking to the other guys who are all so fast.”

William Huffman, 29, (New York, Texas) — a retired professional triathlete who raced on the World Triathlon circuit — finished second overall with a time of 56:41. Garrett Mayeaux, 27, (Frisco, Texas) took third, in 57:44.

In the women’s race for the Draft-Legal Sprint Triathlon National Championships, Alexandra Schwein, 25, (Broomfield, Colo.) pulled ahead late on the run in a tightly contested race to win the national title with a time of 1:05:52.

A former member of the University of Colorado Boulder collegiate club triathlon team, Schwein shook off some pre-race nerves to swim the third fastest time of the day and recorded the second fastest run to hold off fellow podium placers Jenna Topott, 16, (Allen, Texas) who finished in 1:06:05 and Shantelle Tupaz, 16, (Pleasanton, Calif.) who finished in 1:06:12. Toppott took home the women’s 15-19 age group national title.

“I’m pretty excited (to win). I didn’t do as well as I wanted yesterday (in the Super Sprint Time Trial National Championships), and I was super nervous before this race, so I was happy to do well today,” said Schwein, who also raced in the Aquathlon National Championships on Friday and plans to race in Saturday’s Age Group Mixed Relay National Championships and Sunday’s Aquabike National Championships. “We figured, we came all the way to Texas, so might as well race as many times as we can.”

Ken Axford, 45, (Colorado Springs, Colo.) won the men’s Masters national title in a time of 1:00:31, while Ginger Reiner, 45, (Lincoln, Mass.) took the women’s Masters national title with a time of 1:06:15, nearly catching Schwein, Topott and Tupaz.

“I had so much fun racing today. And when I was passing some of these younger women, I thought of my daughter who is 13. I just love seeing all these young women racing. Particularly in these shorter races, you see more of the younger racers, the teenagers, the college racers, it’s so great to see for this sport,” Reiner said.

Kelly Dippold, 60, (Irvine, Calif.) won the women’s Grand Masters national title and Tim Bradley, 61, (Merrick, N.Y.), won the men’s Grand Masters title.

Suzanne Mahler Brown, 55, (Cane Ridge, Tenn.) won the Athena 55+ national title, while Greg Voudrie (Maryville, Ill.) won the Clydesdale 60+ national title.

Chris Worden, 44, (Indianapolis, Ind.) won the Clydesdale 40-59 national title and Kimee Armour, 52, (Auburn, Ill.) won the Athena 40-54 national title.

Through two days of racing, Armour has completed all four races and plans to race eight events — the most an athlete can race over the festival’s four days. Athletes who complete five or more races will earn the title of “Multisport Master” and will receive a special belt buckle and be honored at the final Awards Ceremony on Sunday evening.

Aquathlon National Championships

In the afternoon slate of racing, nearly 350 swim-run athletes participated in the Aquathlon National Championships.

Mattox earned his second overall national title of the day, completing the 1,000m swim and 5k run in 31:05. Jacob Young, 26, (Madison, Wis.) placed second with a time of 31:14 and Johnathan Dolan, 20 (Atascadero, Calif.), rounded out the overall podium with a time of 31:37 to claim the men’s 20-24 age group national title.

Kristen Doster, 32, (Green Bay, Wis.) closed strong in the final 2K of the run to win the women’s overall national title in a time of 35:42. She ran a 19:19 5K — second fastest in the women’s field — to hold off Schwein who placed second overall in 36:01 and Kennedy Rainwater, 16, (Brookfield, Wis.) who took third and won the 15-19 age group national title. 

“It was a great race. I’m happy with how I did. There were some fast girls, too, that I caught up with and they were really pushing me,” Doster said. Friday’s race was her first aquathlon. “I thought it was a really good distance. The aquathlon caters to people who don’t like the bike portion of the triathlon as much, which is me. I do triathlons, but I ran in high school and played soccer and so I have that running background and I like to swim. It’s a really good combination.”

In addition to winning her first national title, Doster had a surprise waiting for her at the finish line — her boyfriend, Austin Tisch, 31, (Green Bay, Wis.), with engagement ring in hand, who proposed to her. She said yes.

“We definitely talked about it; I just didn’t know when. I knew it would probably be this year, but I didn’t think it would be at the end of a race,” Doster said. “It’s pretty cool winning the race and getting proposed to.”

Kevin Gaston (Atlanta, Ga.) won the Clydesdale 40 and under national title, and Lance Fargo, 56, (Ocean View, Del.) won the Clydesdale 40-59 national title, his second of the weekend after winning in Thursday’s Super Sprint Triathlon Time Time Trial National Championships. Mark McKenzie, 62, (Choctaw, Okla.) won the national title in the Clydesdale 60+ category.

Billie Pate, 72, (Upland, Calif.) won the Athena 55+ national title, while Leslie Battle, 53, (Warwick, R.I.) added to her collection of national titles by winning the Athena 40-54 crown. Ashley Miller, 34, (Urbandale, Iowa), won the Athena 39 and under national title.

Sarah Newcomb-Baker, 41, (Kingston, Tenn.) won the women’s Masters national title and Lauren Jensen McGinnis, 55, (Muskego, Wis.) won the women’s Grandmasters national title.

Andrew Kelsey, 55, (Hopkinton, Mass.) took home the men’s Masters national title and George Serbia, 62, (Irvine, Calif.) won the men’s Grand Masters national title.

Saturday’s schedule

The Duathlon National Championships begin on Saturday at Levy Event Plaza, as run-bike-run athletes take on the Standard Duathlon (10k run, 40k bike, 5k run). The race begins at 7 a.m.

The debut of the Age Group Mixed Relay Triathlon National Championships will also take place Saturday, as teams of four (two women, two men) compete, with each team member completing a 250m swim, 5k bike, 1.2k run triathlon. The Mixed Relay made its Olympic debut at last summer’s Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, as the U.S. earned silver in the fast, exciting, spectator-friendly event. Saturday’s race begins at 2:15 p.m.

Saturday evening, USA Triathlon will host an Awards Ceremony and Celebration Lounge at the Texas Lottery Plaza. Open to athletes and the general public, each night’s Awards Ceremony features live music, race highlights on a jumbo inflatable screen, Mamma Tried Irving bar cart, jumbo lawn games and more. The local community is encouraged to join and participate.

2022 USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships Festival

Draft Legal Sprint Triathlon National Championships
750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run
Overall Female
: Alexandra Schwein (Broomfield, Colo.), 1:05:52
Overall Male: Miguel Mattox (Mill Valley, Calif.), 56:32
Masters Female: Ginger Reiner (Lincoln, Mass.), 1:06:15
Masters Male: Ken Axford (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 1:00:31
Grand Masters Female: Kelly Dippold (Irvine, Calif.), 1:09:34
Grand Masters Male: Tim Bradley (Merrick, N.Y.), 1:05:14
Athena 40-54: Kimee Armour (Auburn, Ill.), 2:04:23
Athena 55+: Suzanne Mahler Brown (Cane Ridge, Tenn.), 1:52:16
Clydesdale 40-59: Chris Worden (Indianapolis, Ind.), 1:13:38
Clydesdale 60+: Greg Voudrie (Maryville, Ill.), 1:37:44
F15-19: Jenna Topott (Allen, Texas), 1:06:05
M15-19: Brave Mays (Aubrey, Texas), 58:27
F20-24: Carolyn Riggs (Paoli, Pa.), 1:09:47
M20-24: Matthew McGoey (Selingsgrove, Pa.), 59:33
F25-29: Alexandra Schwein (Broomfield, Colo.), 1:05:52
M25-29: Miguel Mattox (Mill Valley, Calif.), 56:32
F30-34: Cameron Hawkins (Durham, N.C.), 1:10:35
M30-34: Todd Buckingham (Wyoming, Mich.), 58:17
F35-39: Elisabeth Hesse (Atlanta, Ga.), 1:11:17
M35-39: Danny Mellow (Jonesboro, Ariz.), 1:05:55
F40-44: Maarten Bout (Bloomington, Ind.), 1:01:51
M40-44: Kirsten Sass (McKenzie, Tenn.), 1:06:42
F45-49: Ginger Reiner (Lincoln, Ma.), 1:06:15
M45-49: Ken Axford (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 1:00:31
F50-54: Adrienne Leblanc (Scottsdale, Ariz.), 1:09:43
M50-54: Peter Valentyik (Boulder, Colo.), 1:01:02
F55-59: Michele Tuttle (Columbia, Md.), 1:13:20
M55-59: Grzegorz Zgliczynski (Highlands Ranch, Colo.), 1:00:55
F60-64: Kelly Dippold (Irvine, Calif.), 1:09:34
M60-64: Tim Bradley (Merrick, N.Y.), 1:05:14
F65-69: James Huguenard (Louisville, Ky.), 1:09:16
M65-69: Cindy Lucking (Greer, S.C.), 1:28:22
F70-74: Cande Olsen (Morristown, N.J.), 1:31:21
M70-74: Jim Sumara (Jacksonville, Fla.), 1:18:43
F75-79: Ruth Hamilton (McLean, Va.), 1:44:38
M75-79: Bradley Price (Dallas, Texas), 1:21:06
F80-84: June Black (Austin, Texas), 2:02:07
M80-84: Arby Kitzman (Morro Bay, Calif.) 1:43:38

Aquathlon National Championships
1,000m swim, 5k run
Overall Female:
Kristen Doster (Green Bay, Wis.), 35:42
Overall Male: Miguel Mattox (Mill Valley, Calif.), 31:05
Masters Female: Sarah Newcomb-Baker (Kingston, Tenn.), 37:48
Masters Male: Andrew Kelsey (Hopkinton, Mass.), 33:11
Grandmasters Female: Lauren Jensen McGinniss (Muskego, Wis.), 39:48
Grandmasters Male: George Serbia (Irvine, Calif.), 38:47
Athena 55+: Billie Pate (Upland, Calif.), 1:28:48
Clydesdale 60+: Mark McKenzie (Choctaw, Okla.) 1:18:01
Athena 40-54: Leslie Battle (Warwick, R.I.), 52:18
Clydesdale 40-59: Lance Fargo (Ocean View, Del.), 44:21
Athena 39 and under: Ashley Miller (Urbandale, Iowa) 58:33
Clydesdale 39 and under: Kevin Gaston (Atlanta, Ga.), 51:45
F PC Open: Christine Wodke (Milwaukee, Wis.), 1:10:03
F15-19: Kennedy Rainwater (Brookfield, Wis.), 36:50
M15-19: Samuel Wen (Houston, Texas), 34:41
F20-24: Carolyn Hoover (Bethesda, N.Y.), 50:40
M20-24: Johnathan Dolan (Atascadero, Calif.), 31:37
F25-29: Alexandra Schwein (Broomfield, Colo.), 36:01
M25-29: Miguel Mattox (Mill Valley, Calif.), 31:05
F30-34: Kristen Doster (Green Bay, Wis.), 35:42
M30-34: Austin Tisch (Green Bay, Wis.), 38:52
F35-39: Megan Newton (Mesa, Ariz.), 41:12
M35-39: Carl Newton (Mesa, Ariz.), 36:54
F40-44: Sarah Newcomb-Baker (Kingston, Mass.), 37:48
M40-44: Adrian Cameron (Austin, Texas), 33:37
M45-49: Kirk Framke (Denver, Colo.), 33:31
F45-49: Jennifer Dehart (Green Bay, Wis.), 38:10
M50-54: Stephen Bosic (Waltham, Mass.), 34:22
F50-54: Georgiana Hedien (Beverly Hills, Calif.), 41:38
M55-59: Andrew Kelsey (Hopkinton, Mass.), 33:11
F55-59: Lauren Jensen McGinnis (Muskego, Wis.), 39:48
M60-64: George Serbia (Irvine, Calif.), 38:47
F60-64: Amy Rappaport (Califon, N.J.), 42:48
M65-69: Philip Friedman (Erie, Colo.), 39:22
F65-69: Susan Griffin-Kaklikian (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 44:14
M70-74: Steve Polley (Simi Valley, Calif.), 47:04
F70-74: Cande Olsen (Morristown, N.J.), 58:09
M75-79: Robert Plant (Woodside, Calif.), 48:54
F75-79: Susan Thompson (Fort Worth, Texas), 59:42
M80-84: Arby Kitzman (Morro Bay, Calif.), 1:00:33
F80-84: June Black (Austin, Texas), 1:14:08
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