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A message from new USA Triathlon CEO Victoria Brumfield

by USA Triathlon

I’m excited, proud and ready to serve as the CEO of USA Triathlon. My two decades of work in endurance sports have given me a deep appreciation for the way multisport truly changes lives and communities. It brings people together and connects them in a unique and impactful way: we challenge our bodies and minds together, we explore and engage with the natural beauty of our world together, and we feel the profound accomplishment of crossing finish lines together. Endurance sports has made me who I am today, and it’s a privilege to wake up every morning and focus on leading an organization that is centered on bringing this opportunity to more people every day.

My commitment to all of you is to continue to make strides in the growth of our sport, be a servant-leader to our constituents, set us up for success in Paris and LA Olympic and Paralympic Games, and be an advocate for all our members. We’re going to spread our sport far and wide, and show its virtues to kids, underserved communities and underrepresented populations, fitness enthusiasts and active seekers looking for a new challenge, adaptive athletes and so many others. We’re going to serve race directors, coaches, clubs and athletes in a way that grows multisport at the grassroots level and enables everyone in the sport to prosper. We’re going to build on the development programs for youth and junior athletes, both those who participate for fun and those with an eye toward international success. And lastly, we’re going to celebrate all of you every day who make our sport and community what it is. 

Our team is focused every day on delivering our long-term strategic priorities and will continue to follow our guiding principles of excellence, service, diversity, equity, inclusion and access, and collaboration. 

We are proud of the work USA Triathlon has been doing. We continue to race and compete. We’ve responded to our sport’s biggest challenge and emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic stronger and more cohesive. We’ve continued to try new disciplines and formats. We’ve professionalized our paratriathlon program and made history in Tokyo. We’ve taken a stand, listened and adapted, and prioritized all of you – our community. 

But we have much more work to do. Our sport is a dynamic and inclusive space where together we thrive. I’m already looking ahead to my 2023 race schedule and I hope you’ll do the same. Let’s support our local race directors, find a coach that can elevate your performance, and join a club that can bring connection and fun to your daily training.

Cheers to our sport! Now let’s get to work.  


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