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One-Day License Policy Change

by USA Triathlon

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USA Triathlon has made a shift in our policy for one-day licenses to create additional value and flexibility for athletes. We have developed a number of new options for athletes rather than offering refunds for one-day licenses, which carriers a significant cost to USA Triathlon to administer and removes athletes from the multisport ecosystem.

Athletes will not lose the value of their one-day licenses and will have an added incentive to race this year through the following options:

Transfer their one-day to any USA Triathlon sanctioned race (athlete needs to contact USA Triathlon with new race info)

Defer to the same event later this year or next year (no changes here, the code will remain with the original event)

Used to upgrade toward an annual membership 

We ask in your future communications to athletes you remove any language that tells athletes to purchase a duplicate one-day license and then request a refund from USA Triathlon. For any athletes who are completing their registration transfer from 2020 to 2021, we can transfer the one-day license to your new event and the athlete can complete the registration by validating their one-day license. To do so either send us your race transfer lists or have the athlete contact us prior to registering and we will move over the license code to the correct event ID.

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