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    USA Triathlon coordinated with the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs to bring you the first edition of the Entrepreneurship Program. The goal is to provide Race Directors with business content that they can immediately implement in their race production organization. We want all of our race directors to succeed not only in producing events but making them profitable as well!

    We have created four different modules that will go over specific topics: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Accounting and Valuing your Company. If you are a certified race director you may use these modules in your recertification, we will however need you to take the short quiz after each module. For more information or additional questions regarding this program please contact

    Our speakers will go over what it means to be an entrepreneur, what should you look for in starting your own business, and the do’s and don’ts of starting a race company.

    Watch Module 1

    Module 1 Quiz

    In this module our speakers will be going over how to maximize the marketing of your event. In many instances race directors do not take advantage of social media, paid and unpaid marketing tools that can grow your next race’s registration numbers.

    Watch Module 2

    Module 2 Quiz

    This module led by Accounting professors at UCCS will be going over the basics of accounting and proper budgeting that you can immediately use to properly run your business.

    Watch Module 3

    Module 3 Quiz

    In our final module our presenters will be going over exiting your race organization and the different ways you can either retire or sell a race. This module will prepare race directors on how to value their business and or races that they produce.

    Watch Module 4

    Module 4 Quiz

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