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Team USA Apparel

Team USA parade and competition kits are required for each Team USA athlete. Athletes without the parade kit will not be allowed to participate in the Parade of Nations that begins each World Championship event. It is also heavily encouraged for the team photo and required for the award ceremony and other needs that might occur during race week.

2024 Team USA Parade Kit

2024 Team USA Parade Kits will be available for a second ordering window in March. When available they can be ordered at the Team USA Shop --


Required Parade Kit Items


2024 Team USA Zoot Competition Kits

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After ordering, Team USA athletes can expect delivery of their uniform in approximately 10 weeks. Team USA athletes wishing to purchase a 2024 Team USA Zoot competition uniform will need to do so during the designated ordering windows. Orders need to be placed to ensure your uniform arrives on time.

Note: The triathlon uniforms are required for competition. The Run, Cycling, Swim, and Lifestyle apparel is optional.

Ordering Window #1: February 7th – February 25th.

Order Here:

Ordering Window #2: March TBD.

Ordering Window #3: June TBD

Additional Zoot Competition Kit Details