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    Team USA parade and competition kits are required for each Team USA athlete. Athletes without the parade kit will not be allowed to participate in the Parade of Nations that begins each World Championship event. It is also heavily encouraged for the team photo and required for the award ceremony and other needs that might occur during race week.

    Photos of the 2023 Team USA Parade Kit

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    2024 Zoot Team USA Parade kit will soon be available for purchase in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!  

    Questions about ordering your parade kit? Reach out to

    Required Parade Kit Items

    For 2024, Team USA athletes will be able to compete in approved suits from Zoot only. 

    Athletes may continue to race in their Zoot suits from 2023. They may also purchase the 2024 design from Zoot which will also be valid for 2025 Worlds. Team USA athletes may not wear a uniform that is not approved by World Triathlon and USA Triathlon. Athletes who violate this policy will not be able to compete at World Championships and may face a one-year suspension from Team USA.

    If competing in multiple events, you do not need to wear the same competition kit each race and may purchase more than one suit or style of suit.

    Note: Per a 2023 World Triathlon Competition Rules change, age group athletes are now allowed to wear front-zipped uniforms regardless of event. (Updated Jan. 6, 2023)

    Zoot Competition Kits (New Designs Coming Soon)

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    Zoot has expanded their partnership with USA Triathlon effective January 1, 2023, to include triathlon racing and parade kit apparel for Age-Group Team USA athletes in addition to continuing as the official USA Triathlon/Team USA cycling apparel partner. We are excited to continue with Zoot as our competition kit supplier for Team USA athletes!

    Ordering for the 2024 Zoot uniform will take place beginning in late 2023 or early 2024 and continue throughout the year. After ordering, Team USA athletes can expect delivery of their uniform in approximately 10 weeks. Team USA athletes wishing to purchase a Zoot uniform will need to do so during these pre-ordering windows. Orders need to be placed by the designated final call ordering window to ensure your uniform arrives on time.

    All Zoot ordering windows are closed for the 2023 competition year. Currently, Zoot is preparing the 2024 uniform design. If you are a 2023 athlete and missed the ordering window, contact regarding the potential availability of extra suits.

    Additional Zoot Competition Kit Details

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