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Team USA Athlete Checklist

Congrats on making the team! We're excited to have you represent the United States and USA Triathlon. You’ll get an email from shortly after the event which qualified you for the team covering next steps confirming your spot and requesting payment of the $110 deposit.

Team USA Checklist

  • Confirm Your Spot

    Confirm Worlds Slot with the deposit payment (spot fee) when requested. Confirm that your deposit had been paid with your Team USA notification email and receipts. You can also check the “Team USA Roster – Spot Fees” on the Team USA Events page which is updated monthly.

    There are no deferrals for Team USA slots. If you do not accept the berth to the World Championship event you qualified for, you will not be part of Team USA.

  • Check Your Passport

    Check passport/Global Entry (if applicable) for expiration dates and renew as needed according to regulations from the country you're traveling to. Check immunizations required for destination and update records.

  • Secure Lodging

    As soon as world championship event/location/dates/schedule are known, secure lodging, either on your own or via a Team USA travel package. Team USA packages are hosted at the Team USA hotel with Team USA staff (managers, bike mechanics, massage/physical therapists, chiropractor/MD) and are the best way to connect with staff, information and other Team USA athletes.

    Travel Packages
  • Book Travel

    Secure travel plans as soon as possible. These may include airfare, airport transfers, bike transportation, local transportation, etc. Remember to make reservations for your bike on each connection of your journey. USAT recommends making as few connections as possible and avoiding small aircraft as such aircraft may be unable to accomodate your bike. It's also recommended to place a GPS tracking device in your bike case. Use luggage tags for each piece of luggage, and take photos of your bike plus the contents of your luggage in case they get lost. It's best practice to place any essential race items in your carry-on. These may include your helmet, race kit, shoes (bike and run), bike pedals (if removed), medications and a change of clothes).

  • Ship or Rent Your Bike

    If you are planning to ship or rent a bike, secure these plans as soon as possible. Bike rentals may be limited, and many companies avoid costly overseas bike shipments.

  • Get Your Kit

    As soon as available, purchase mandatory Team USA race kit (must be World Triathlon-approved for the current year) and Team USA parade kit (updated every year). Ensure your bike helmet has a CPSC safety approved sticker inside, fits well and is undamaged. Ensure your bike is in good mechanical condition and that all swim, bike and run gear is in good condition and fits well.

    Kit Information
  • Attend Town Halls

    Attend monthly Town Halls to stay current on Team USA news and information. Register here.

    If you are unable to attend, a recording of each town hall is posted on the Team USA home page within the following days to view here.

  • Get the App

    After completing your spot fee payment, you will receive an email invitation to join Teamworks within 30 days. Imortant information including the team calendar, messaging, forms, website links and other race resources will be housed in Teamworks to it is vital that athletes set up their account when prompted.

  • Get Your Essentials in Order

    • Purchase travel insurance and international medical insurance if desired and pack copies.
    • Pack copies of your passport and ID.
    • Notify credit card companies of travel plans.
    • Select international phone plan or research local SIM card options. Pack health insurance cards' credit card(s) and sufficient cash as comfortable.
  • Check Your Info

    Check your name and information on the Team USA roster, posted in the Team USA section of, to track your progress in the registration process. More than 30 days before your World Championships event, double-check your name and age group on your race's start list. If your name is not on the start list, contact ASAP.

  • Review the Guides

    Review Athletes Guide & Team USA Athletes Guide when available for event details.

  • Attend the Final Town Hall

    Attend Final Team USA Worlds Town Hall for final updates before traveling.

  • Pack and Fly

    Safe travels, and we'll see you soon!

Team USA is funded through the deposits paid by athletes on the team with some USA Triathlon partners creating cost offsets in other areas of need. An athlete's typical costs can be broken down into several categories:

  • $110 non-refundable deposit: USA triathlon user fee that all athletes are required to pay to join Team USA
  • $160 - $400 World Triathlon world championship event entry fee: to be paid when World Triathlon announces the fee
  • $170-$220 average cost of mandatory Team USA uniform provided by Zoot.
  • $185 - $230 average cost of mandatory Team USA World Triathlon Parade of Nations kit (worn for team photos, parade, awards and at other times that USA Triathlon defines)
  • $150 - $250 USA typical land travel package cost, per person per day, provided by Nirvana Europe which usually includes airport/hotel transfers, bicycle transportation at destination, lodging and more. Foreign travel can be more expensive.
  • $60 - $80 average food costs, per person per day, depending on what and where you eat. It is a good idea to try and secure a hotel where breakfast is part of your fee. Also, you can save money by purchasing lunch food and keep in your room.