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Team USA Pinning Ceremony To Take Place at Two World Championships This Coming Season

by USA Triathlon

USA Triathlon support staff, Tim Yount and Hans Ernst, will be leading the creation of a brand-new recognition ceremony that will be an annual celebration of people’s commitment over time to being part of Team USA. The name of the program will be TEAM USA Pinning Ceremony and will be supported by each of you – a breakfast or lunch that will be done at one of the host hotels or area restaurants – at the Multisport Sport Worlds and Grand Finals each season). If we are unable to secure affordable and quality offerings, we will do this at a team meeting that will be bring back and attach the ceremony to this briefing.

The idea to create this new ceremony was made possible by World Triathlon, who generated a finish list of all athletes who have ever crossed a finish line at any world championship since the first one in 1989. Athletes MUST have competed for the USA to count (with an asterisk for how many they might have done for other countries first). Athletes who registered for worlds but didn’t attend will not be able to count that as a team USA appearance. Only finishers will be noted as well based on the data that we have available to us for tracking purposes. USAT will provide a list to everyone to compare against their records to that we have a full audit of the events and finish times by event. There will be pins, for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 year anniversaries.

This will not only be a fun gathering of team members but will include some other fun things that we will do around it – some trivia, story telling and even some insights on the new TEAM USA book we are creating. All athletes and their families will be invited!

Keep an eye out from Tim Yount and Hans Ernst on more information soon!