Two USA Triathlon Foundation Training Camp Attendees Share Their Experiences From the Camp

by Kennedy Terry

The USA Triathlon Foundation Training Camp is the opportunity of a lifetime for athletes to learn from elite Olympic and Paralympic coaches at the United States Olympic and Paralympic training site in Chula Vista, California! Athletes will learn new training techniques along with nutrition and recovery tips and more, all while connecting and making lasting memories with other athletes.

Former attendees Chrissy Brennan and Thomas Cusumano shared their experiences on the week-long event, below.

How did you get involved with triathlon or multisport racing? What are some of the highlights in your career?

Chrissy: I’ve been an endurance cyclist for over 20 years and was challenged to do a triathlon. Post camp I competed in 3 and each race my time improved across the board.

Thomas: My first triathlon was in northern California via an invitation from my older sister to give it a try. Since then, I’ve done between three or four Triathlons every year through 2023. I had a hiatus for two years during the pandemic and for two when I started my own business, but my most significant highlight is that I have been able to complete over 70+ Olympic class Triathlons since I started in 1990.

What was your favorite camp experience or moment?

Chrissy: There were so many great experiences. It was super well organized, and the coaches were great. The facilities were perfect and the other athletes I met were so inspiring. It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun, plus the camp built a sense of community. Post camp we keep still in touch and it’s just awesome.

Thomas: My favorite camp experience was being coached in swim lessons by a former Olympian medalist. Also, the long bicycle rides with the team were fun!

Why should someone attend training camp in 2024?

Chrissy: Athletes should attend training camp to learn better technique and work with great athletes and super nice people. It’s also fun to build a network so when you go race somewhere you’re likely to have a friend from camp there too.

Thomas: I recommend attending the training camp in 2024 for the camaraderie you will make with the various attendees. You will learn so much from the coaches, but also from all the athletes that are your peers. Excellent information passes amongst the athletes attending and I learned some neat tricks to use in my triathlon races.

What skills did you gain from the world-class coaches?

Chrissy: The swimming and running skills I gained were amazing!

Thomas: I took away many new skills from swimming tips, running techniques, nutritional information, transition shortcuts and overall-general triathlon skills.

Why should someone support the Foundation and what pillar resonates with you most?

Chrissy: It’s a great organization that continues to support its members.

Thomas: The foundation promotes by way of swimming, biking and running, excellent health and mental well-being for people of all ages and backgrounds, very inclusive. The pillar that most resonates with me is one that encourages youth participation. Getting young children and young adults to participate in Triathlons is good for everyone. The sport can help generate the next USA world class athlete.

If you are interested in attending the USA Triathlon Foundation Training Camp, registration and general information can be found here.

If you are interested in donating to the USA Triathlon Foundation or becoming a donor, you can find more information here.