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Why Add Women's Collegiate Triathlon?

As an Emerging Sport for Women, triathlon is on the precipice of becoming a full-fledged NCAA championship sport that will allow female student-athletes to participate in competitive draft-legal triathlon racing. Women’s collegiate triathlon is a smart addition to any athletic program.

NCAA Triathlon By the Numbers

  • 3.5

    average GPA of collegiate triathletes

  • 75 Minutes

    typical length of sprint-distance race

  • $3,780

    Average 2023 cost per athlete for Division III schools

  • 400,000

    high school athletes available to recruit

  • $3,500,000

    grant money available from USA Triathlon

USA Triathlon is providing NCAA member institutions with a $3.5 million USA Triathlon Women's Triathlon Emerging Sport Grant to develop, implement, grow and sustain varsity women's triathlon programs at the NCAA varsity level.

Emerging Sport Grant Information (PDF)

  • Event Operations

  • General Information

USA Triathlon can provide information and resources to any coach or institution considering an NCAA women's triathlon program. Contact Tim Yount at for more details.