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NCAA Triathlon for Coaches

The NCAA allows for two coaches and one volunteer coach per discipline for women’s triathlon, although actual staffing will be determined by each institution. There are not currently any NCAA-specific coaching certifications to be a collegiate coach. USA Triathlon has created educational materials with pertinent information and may be accessed by contacting Tim Yount at

Note: NCAA Women’s Triathlon follows all NCAA legislation regarding in-season and out-of-season and protocols from NCAA Bylaw 17. Work with an institution’s compliance department to navigate these restrictions before offering assistance to student-athletes.

NCAA Coaches in the News

Rules about coaching in NCAA and other clubs

Per NCAA bylaws, NCAA triathlon coaches may be limited in the types of additional coaching opportunities they may pursue.

USA Triathlon can provide information and resources to any coach or institution considering an NCAA women's triathlon program. Contact Tim Yount at for more details.