Safety is a top priority for any USA Triathlon Race Director. This resource guide provides guidance on risk management, emergency action planning, and medical support. Race directors can also find information on weather-related issues, security, and command structures.

Having an incident command system in place will allow for efficient planning and incident response during your events.

Learn more about USAT's incident reporting process

The ability to effectively communicate is critical to the operational success of an event. Whether its with with internally or event staff or externally with event competitors and spectators, a well-considered communication plan can either help ensure a smooth event or quickly give people the neccessary information during an emergency.

After your event, submit a swim safety report on the Sanctioning hub. The report will ask for the following information:

  • Air temperature at start (in Fahrenheit)
  • Percent humidity at start (, a local news station or similar sources are okay)
  • Water temperature the day prior (in Fahrenheit)
  • Number of athletes who started the swim (including relays)
  • Number of athletes who voluntarily withdrew during swim
  • Number of athletes rescued during swim
  • Number of athletes who DNF swim (including relays)
  • Total number of athletes seen in medical tent

World Triathlon Safety Videos

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