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Email Marketing for Events: What You Should Know

by Ashley Cline


Email Marketing for Events (Photo by USA Triathlon)

Relational emails are the ones you send to new subscribers to welcome them to your list.

They’re also the ones you send for your newsletter or blog articles, public relations, surveys and review requests, social updates, contest announcements, or referral requests.

The most important relational email is the one you send to your new subscribers. Take the time to initiate them with a welcome email. Lay out for them everything they can expect from you. That includes how frequently you’ll email them, what offers they'll receive, and more.

If you have a particular persona or person behind your brand, this is the perfect time to put a face to the name!

Your promotional emails are the ones you send for price bumps, new products, event releases, sales announcements, and offer upgrades.

Promotional emails are by far the most popular type of emails that businesses send. And to be honest… they’re the ones in most need of a refresh.

Don’t get stuck in a cadence. Think of these promotional emails as your "popcorn." No one wants stale popcorn. Keep the content fresh and relevant—and take advantage of holidays if you can!

This is a great opportunity to add some FOMO (fear of missing out) to your emails. For instance, if you have a VIP offer for your event, let your subscribers know how much they’ll miss out on if they don’t upgrade their ticket.

Put a hard timeline on that upgrade to increase the sense of urgency to buy.

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