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Why You Should Use an RTAV

by USA Triathlon

Utilizing a Real Time Account Validation (RTAV) registration platform helps to streamline the packet pick-up process on race day and minimizes the amount of funds and paperwork that a race director must submit during the post-race process. 

RTAV registration platforms direct athletes to USA Triathlon’s website during your event registration flow where they purchase one-day and annual memberships or validate annual memberships. Athlete’s accounts will be updated instantly, they will sign the USAT membership waiver and then receive their member number at the end of the purchase process before being returned to your registration platform. 

This saves you and the athlete time at packet pick-up because you don’t need to verify their membership or have them sign a waiver. You just check their ID, give them their packet and that’s it! 

Did you know that you can also use the RTAV system to sell one-day licenses on site at packet pickup? It will speed up your post-race submissions and eliminate all cash, check, and card payments onsite. Please contact Eventservices@usatriathlon.org for more information.

Why use an RTAV? 

  • Saves you time
  • Easy to setup
  • Simplified Post-Race Reconciliation
  • Possible to have NO post-race accounting when RTAV is setup for onsite membership purchase 
  • Athletes get their Membership quicker
  • No risk of athletes racing without signing a waiver, removing any potential legal exposure 
  • Streamlined packet pick-up process, check their ID and go!

Packet Pickup Without RTAV

  • Ensure EVERY participant has USAT annual membership or one-day license
  • Verify USAT membership card
  • Verify USAT membership or one-day online
  • Verify membership waiver has been signed 
  • Collect one-day or annual fee 
  • Collect personal information
  • Have athlete sign USAT waiver
  • Complete post-race accounting form
  • Submit fees, waivers and accounting form to USAT during post-race
Below is the current list of RTAV connected registration platforms:
Get Me Registered
Race Entry
Race Hawk
Race Mill
Race Mine
Race Reach
Race Roster
Racer Signup
Races Online
Red Podium
Run Signup
Simple Race
Sports Reg
Technology Projects
The Driven
TicketSocket (USA Triathlon's Exclusive Partner)
Tri Reg
Tri Registration
Zap Events
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