Improve your performance and smash your personal bests with the following tips from Zone3.
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Six Top Triathlon Training Tips

by Zone3

Improve your performance and smash your personal bests with the following tips:

  1. Create consistent training habits: Establish easy-to-maintain habits like a healthy diet, sufficient sleep, and mental well-being. Incorporate training into your daily life, such as running or cycling to work, and make it enjoyable by training with friends or joining a local club.
  2. Be realistic with your time: Understand the time you have available for training. Avoid overestimating and creating unrealistic schedules. Plan your training around your daily commitments, ensuring consistency in your schedule.
  3. Structure your training effectively: Devise a realistic training schedule with a focus on both lower intensity, aerobic workouts (80%) and higher intensity, tempo exercises (20%). Incorporate strength and conditioning workouts to enhance stamina and strength.
  4. Optimize transitions: Improve efficiency during transitions, particularly for shorter distance events. Familiarize yourself with the transition areas and avoid unnecessary delays. Practice taking your wetsuit off. (The Pro Speed cuffs on some ZONE3 wetsuits can help with rapid removal after the swim). Small improvements in transitions can make a significant difference in your personal best times.
  5. Wear appropriate gear: Choose triathlon-specific clothing designed for comfort and performance in each discipline. ZONE3 triwear, for example, offers materials that facilitate free motion, ventilation, muscle support, sweat wicking, and aerodynamics. Wearing the right kit eliminates the need for time-consuming transitions.
  6. Master pacing: Avoid overexertion early in the race by learning to pace yourself effectively. Overexertion can negatively impact overall performance. Pay attention to moments when you feel fatigued and adjust your pace accordingly through trial and error.
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