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USA Triathlon 2023 Gravel and Off Road National Champions Crowned in Arkansas

by USA Triathlon

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Off-road and gravel multisport enthusiasts from across the country raced for age group national titles last weekend at the 2023 USA Triathlon Off-Road and Gravel Triathlon and Duathlon National Championships, held in conjunction with the Ozark Valley Triathlon for the second consecutive year. 

Mountain biking and gravel biking haven, Fayetteville, Arkansas, is home to world-class mountain biking trails and hundreds of miles of incredible gravel trails through the Ozark Mountains, providing a prime location for the USA Triathlon Off-Road and Gravel National Championships. Learn more about the incredible trails in Fayetteville at Experience Fayetteville.
Nathan Cohen (Oxnard, Calif.) and Abigail Walker (Nashville, Tenn.) earned the overall national titles in the 2023 Off-Road Triathlon National Championships, which included a 1,500-meter swim, 30-kilometer off-road bike and 10k trail run. 
Cohen completed the course in a time of 2 hours, 31 minutes and 6 seconds to win his first USA Triathlon national title. 
"It feels great to get the win. I did the Off-Road National Championships in 2021 and got second. I was really close, but I didn't make it, so I wanted to come back and get some redemption here," Cohen said. "The bike course had a little bit of everything. There was a lot of single track, some fire road climbs and some rocky sections. It was great." 
Walker won her first national title — and the women's 17-19 age group title — finishing in 3:11:54. 
In the Off-Road Duathlon National Championships, athletes raced a 5k trail run, 30k off-road bike and 10k trail run. 
Tiffany Schwartz (Salt Lake City, Utah) won the women's Off-Road Duathlon national championship in 3:02:04, while Michael Drackert (Kansas City, Mo.) won the men's Off-Road Duathlon national championship in 2:29:43. 
"It's really kind of a dream come true (to win). The first time I did a duathlon was in 2013. And  when I learned about this race six or seven months ago, I knew right away I wanted to come race. It was a blast," Schwartz said. 

In the 2023 Gravel Triathlon National Championships, athletes competed on a gravel triathlon course with a 1500-meter swim, 30-kilometer gravel bike and 10-kilometer trail run. Gravel triathlon is a new discipline of multisport racing that incorporates gravel riding, which is an increasingly popular form of cycling that combines elements of road- and mountain-biking on unpaved, non-technical roads.

The Gravel National Championships are one race in USA Triathlon's second annual Gravel Triathlon Series, which includes gravel triathlon events across the country. 
In Fayetteville, Zach Aldrich defended his 2022 Gravel Triathlon national title, winning this year's championship in a time of 2:03:55. 
"It feels good and it feels even better to defend last year's title. I'm a fan of the course. It's the right mix of a little bit of road and a lot of gravel. The gravel out here today was really good," said Aldrich who recommends fellow multisport athletes give gravel a try.  "What I love about gravel is that it's more inviting. It's more fun. There is that competition, but anyone can go out and ride. No one is worried about paces or power output or anything like that. For beginners, for new people, it's much more inviting and fun." 
In the women's competition, Wendy Seguine won the national title with a time of 2:35:25. 
"Ever since the race was announced last year I've been wanting to do it. The race has been on my brain for a year now and I just put it all out there today. The gravel was awesome. The run was beautiful and shaded," Seguine said. 
This year marked the first for the Gravel Duathlon National Championships, with athletes racing a 5k trail run, 30k gravel bike and 10k trail run. 
Pam Tate (Cordova, Tenn.) won the women's Gravel Duathlon national title with a time of 2:53:11. Scott Bond (Greenfield, Ind.) won the men's Gravel Duathlon national title in 2:27:34. 
In addition to the overall Off-Road and Gravel titles, athletes also raced for their respective age group national titles and Clydesdale and Athena national titles.
For complete results and more information about the Off-Road and Gravel National Championships and Ozark Valley Triathlon, visit the event website here

2023 Off-Road Triathlon National Championships 

National ChampionsComplete Results 
Overall Female: Abigail Walker (Nashville, Tenn.), 3:11:54
Overall Male: Nathan Cohen (Oxnard, Calif.), 2:31:06
Athena 40-54: Dianna Bridges (Dunnellon, Fla.), 4:29:51
F17-19: Abigail Walker (Nashville, Tenn.), 3:11:54
M17-19: Andrew Stacey (Nashville, Tenn.), 2:50:16
F20-24: no participants 
M20-24: Will Stacey (Nashville, Tenn.), 2:46:30 
F25-29: Mary Niedrauer (West Lafayette, Ind.), 4:22:47
M25-29: Nathan Cohen (Oxnard, Calif.), 2:31:06
F30-34: Katie Griffin (Hot Springs National Park, Ark.), 3:48:23
M30-34: Karl Hansen (Wentzville, Mo.), 2:58:39
F35-39: no participants 
M35-39: Adam Xaysuda (Maumelle, Ark.), 2:54:41
F40-44: Mackenzie Yates (Alexandria, Va.), 3:16:50
M40-44: Kyle Grieser (Marble Falls, Texas), 2:40:45
F45-49: Pamela Colbert (Cambridge, Minn.), 3:19:50
M45-49: Boris Castro (Houston, Texas), 3:22:17
F50-54: Amy Johnson (Hot Springs National Park, Ark.), 3:38:40
M50-54: Keith Graham (Highland Village, Texas), 2:57:26
F55-59: May-Li Cuypers (Largo, Fla.), 3:33:02
M55-59: Mike Barro (Saint Charles, Mo.), 2:54:15
F60-64: Nancy Hopf (Naperville, Ill.), 5:07:31
M60-64: Bruce Wood (Sherwood, Ark.), 3:21:20
F65-69: Lucia Colbert (Cordova, Tenn.), 3:58:06
M65-69: George Lester (Medfield, Mass.), 3:22:30
M70-74: Walt Rider (Germantown, Tenn.), 3:45:03
M75-79: Terry Hutchins (Kalamazoo, Mich.), 5:04:21 

2023 Off-Road Duathlon National Championships 

National Champions - Complete Results 
Overall Female: Tiffany Schwartz (Salt Lake City, Utah), 3:02:04
Overall Male: Michael Drackert (Kansas City, Mo.), 2:29:43
Athena 40-54: Leslie Battle (Warwick, R.I.), 5:26:38
Clydesdale 40-59: Carlo Tannoury (Del Mar, Calif.), 5:36:22
F17-19: no competitors 
M17-19: Zenon Reece (Grand Junction, Colo.), 3:01:34
M20-24: no competitors 
F25-29: no competitors 
M25-29: no competitors 
F30-34: no competitors 
M30-34: Ryan Weald (Bend, Ore.), 2:44:51
F35-39: Tiffany Schwartz (Salt Lake City, Utah), 3:02:04
M35-39: Michael Drackert (Kansas City, Mo.), 2:29:43
F40-44: Crystal Cox (Fayetteville, Ark.), 3:46:45
M40-44: Ryan Ellis (Oklahoma City, Okla.), 2:54:44
F45-49: Monica Doval (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), 4:15:35
M45-49: Stefano Profumo (Santa Cruz, Calif.), 2:35:56
F50-54: Kathy Wilson (Hot Springs National Park, Ark.), 3:28:55
M50-54: Travis Wales (Springville, Calif.), 3:01:15
F55-59: Pam Tate (Cordova, Tenn.), 3:35:57
M55-59: Frank Broadstreet (Fayetteville, Ark.), 3:00:14
F60-64: Kim Wagner (Tempe, Ariz.), 4:17:34
M60-64: Javier Soliz (Lac Cruces, N.M.), 3:49:00
F65-69: Carol Whipple (Bellevue, Wash.), 4:18:51
M65-69: Mark Drangsholt (Seattle, Wash.), 3:42:32

2023 USA Triathlon Gravel Triathlon National Championships 
1,500m swim, 30k gravel bike, 10k trail run 

National ChampionsComplete Results  
Overall Female: Wendy Seguine (Whitefish, Mont.), 2:35:25
Overall Male: Zach Aldrich (Rogers, Ark.), 2:03:55 
Athena 40-54: Melissa Loken (Centerton, Ark.), 3:32:41  
Clydesdale 39 & younger: Chris Fowler, (Alexander, Ark.), 3:30:05
Clydesdale 40-59: Jesse Coffman (London, Ark.), 3:58:10
Clydesdale 60+: William Jankowski (Avon, Ind.), 3:44:20
M PC Open: Larry Seidman (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 3:25:32
M20-24: Parker Anderson (Fort Worth, Texas), 3:26:04
F25-29: Abigail Hill (Bella Vista, Ark.), 4:02:56
M25-29: Nathan Cohen (Oxnard, Calif.), 2:11:42
F30-24: Christen Sluyter (Springdale, Ark.), 3:34:30
M30-34: Zach Aldrich (Rogers, Ark.), 2:03:55 
F35-39: Wendy Seguine (Whitefish, Mont.), 2:35:25
M35-39: Kevin Reagin (Woodstock, Ga.), 2:06:09
F40-44: Kristi Drake (Louisville, Ky.), 3:15:29
M40-44: Todd Stackhouse (Lakewood, Colo.), 2:06:35
F45-49: Victoria Brumfield (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 3:05:44
M45-49: Jeff Fejfar (Ponte Vedra, Fla.), 2:15:20
F50-54: no competitors  
M50-54: Christian Waterstraat (Naperville, Ill.), 3:04:42
F55-59: Dawn Forbes (Saint Charles, Mo.), 3:26:12
M55-59: Roger Senn (Albuquerque, N.M.), 3:23:19
F60-64: Kim Wagner (Tempe, Ariz.), 3:58:41
M60-64: Jerry Kreisher (Fort Collins, Colo.), 3:38:36
F65-69: Sheri Schrock (Cohasset, Minn.), 3:48:23
M65-69: Mark Drangsholt (Seattle, Wash.), 3:35:36
F70-74: no competitors 
M70-74: Walt Rider (Germantown, Tenn.), 3:06:25
M75-79: Terry Hutchins (Kalamazoo, Mich.), 3:52:26
M80+: Rob Norris (Bailey, Mich.), 4:46:58
2023 USA Triathlon Gravel Duathlon National Championships 
5k trail run, 30k gravel bike, 10k trail run 

National ChampionsComplete Results  
Overall Female: Pam Tate (Cordova, Tenn.), 2:53:11
Overall Male: Scott Bond (Greenfield, Ind.), 2:27:34
Athena 40-54: Leslie Battle (Warwick, R.I.), 3:52:37
Clydesdale 40-59: Carlo Tannoury (Del Mar, Calif.), 4:39:58
M25-29: Isaac Herrera (Springdale, Ark.), 3:36:35
F30-34: Brooke Bierhaus Sutton (Rogers, Ark.), 3:50:06
M30-34: Ryan Weald (Bend, Ore.), 2:54:41
F40-44: Andreea Bruce (Bentonville, Ark.), 3:24:23
M40-44: Chris Mosier (Chicago, Ill.), 3:38:42
F45-49: Monica Doval (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), 3:16:17
M45-49: Toby Dogwiler (Springfield, Mo.), 2:54:37
F50-54: Denise Mueller (Encinitas, Calif.), 3:01:04
M50-54: Jason Heimink (Longmont, Colo.), 2:59:23
F55-59: Pam Tate (Cordova, Tenn.), 2:53:11
M55-59: Scott Bond (Greenfield, Ind.), 2:27:34
F60-64: Cora Sturzl (Malaga, Wash.), 3:30:40
M60-64: Darryl Holman (Chesterfield, Mo.), 2:29:34
F65-69: Christine Wodke (Milwaukee, Wis.), 4:54:17
M65-69: Mark Achenbach (Terre Haute, Ind.), 3:04:52
F70-74: Susan Felicissimo (Thornton, Colo.), 4:12:37
M70-74: Mike Lies (Sanibel, Fla.), 3:00:47

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